Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5th...how original !

 It's another of those dates in history where any sane crowned head would be confined to his/her room until midnight struck...at midnight.
So....we can expect Chas to be out playing in the stables with his favourite brood mare as usual...?

1028 The King of Leon  and Galicia, Alfonso V, popped his clogs.

1194 The King of Poland, Casimir II, popped his clogs.

1309 The King of Naples, Charles II, popped his clogs.

1525 The King of Saxony, Frederick III, popped his clogs.

1705 Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I, popped his clogs.

1821 The Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, popped his clogs.

1864 The first Aussie-born trout were hatched in Tassie on this day.
No, these are Red Gurnard - a scrumptious fish with twice the taste of Flathead at half the price.
No, I won't share my fillets with you.

It's the National Cartoonist's Day over in USA.
But be sure to check out the Australian Cartoonists' Association website - shedloads of great stuff for the kids as well as big kids.

1833 James Busby became the token Brit resident in Aotearoa and he was expected to care for travellers, protect the Europeans from Maoris and round up any escaped convicts.
Superman in other words!
Learn more about this bloke HERE.

Bottoms up!

1865 Not a good day for Aussie bushranger Ben Hall to get out of bed...he was shot and killed near Forbes.

1906 Melbourne kicked old Dobbin and miles of cable to the kerb and officially opened the swanky new electric tram line from St Kilda train station to Middle Bray-tonne (Brighton).
*waves to News Limited*

1913 Finding the whole Governor-General pitching a tent in the local caravan park idea completely unacceptable the Commonwealth went and bought a surprise prezzie residence called Yarralumla.

It's thought that all the Weeping Willows in Oz are descended from the trees that hang over Napoleon's grave, brought here by British immigrants as ships would regularly call in at the island, St Helena.

1915 The 2nd Australian Brigade and the New Zealand Brigade were sent from ANZAC Cove to Cape Helles to give the Brit and French troops a hand in reaching Achi Baba.

1921 Think how exciting it must have been,  don't-bother-me-with-transport-complaints-Lynne Kosky, when they opened the Beetomba to Cudgewa train line?!
Oh, wait.
You've never actually opened any station...or extended the rail network...or replaced the trains you promised you would at the last election....
What is it you do again, Lynne?

When the cemetery gets too dull there's always the playground close handy to liven things up....


  1. "When the cemetery gets too dull there's always the playground close handy to liven things up...."

    Blood Hell...you can't even get away from the noisy little buggers when you're dead.

  2. So how did you cook your fish?
    Are the "wings" just thrown away or are they good for craft projects?

  3. Nice little comment to the transport minister!!

    Ben Hall takes me back - to the 70s when our Sunday nights were filled with a very sexy version of him. Ah, nothing like 70s period dramas on the ABC to build a historical interest in a young girl.

  4. "It's thought that all the Weeping Willows in Oz are descended from the trees that hang over Napoleon's grave, brought here by British immigrants as ships would regularly call in at the island, St Helena."

    And apparently those along the Avon River in Christchurch as well (kept alive by the sailors using potatoes), and those at Mt Vernon, George Washington's home, in the United States (but planted after, I'd say, he "popped his clogs" -- love that phrase of yours, Jayne!)

  5. Exactly, Brian, as a couple of hobos found in the late 70's when they used to sleep in the smashed graves only to be woken by "Daddy there's a dead man with different shoes on."

    I poach them in herbs 'n' spices and a little milk mixed with water and cheese melted through it all, Elizabeth. The wings got chucked before the cats tried to fly with 'em lol ;)

    Thanks, Jeanie, I'm sure Lynne Kosky will appreciate it lol.
    Yep, loved that tv series, wish they'd release it on DVD.

    Thanks, Lisa, I'll lend it to you lol.
    That makes perfect sense that they're from St Helena, too.

  6. May 5 declared International Clog-Poppin Day!

    Is it the national-day of MEXICO?

    Pity Sol frkn Truheello isn't a clog-dancer - this Telstra LAST-G of mine is pathetically slow.

  7. Back in the 1950's occasionally I rode to my country school SS.1667, on a pony and so did several of my classmates, and we left them to graze all day in the cemetery next to the school - the headstones were in plain sight from our desks, and I think this was the start of my love of funerary monument.

  8. that St.Helena was The Finder Of the One True Cross.
    An Essex Gel, she was born in Colchester, and the mother of King Constantine apparently.

  9. I like the playground in the cemetery idea.

  10. Annie,

    She was also a barmaid. Not a lot of people know that.

  11. A plate of fish with no chips. So sad.

  12. LMAO Annie!

    Sweetest grass was that in the cemetery, Bwca...or so my neddy used to tell me many long years ago ;)

    Not one of David Essex's conquests, Annie?!
    Don't know if his albums went platinum in Colchester or not... :P

    Dina, think of the movie Poltergeist...that playground is actually built on top of the cemetery ;)

    A la Babs Windsor, Brian?

    Sorry, River, the spuds were soaking elsewhere ;)

  13. Jayne...

    Give me da fish or else I'll send a plague of Were-possums to clonk you one

    Brian is right the stiffs won't get any peace from the little beggars in the playground

    Last of all this post may not been green as it refers to clogs which may have used or not some poor sad tree that popped its clogs because some beggar chopped it up so some kingo b...t could pop their clogs

    Cripes what have I been on. Must that Blog Troll Suit again


  14. LMAO
    I have some fillets in my freezer, Liz, but I fear they may be a little grey about the edges by the time they reach you lol.
    No, not the Were-possums!!!!