Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Deaux

 Exciting news, dear readers ----It's Saturday!!!!
This means I can do things in the vegie patch that are not discussed in polite company without anyone annoying me...yippeeeee!

1568 Mary I of Scotland escaped from Loch Levan ....if you happen to see her do not approach - she is Scottish, is armed with a sporan and she's not afraid to use it.

1793 (she's dragging the ancient stuff out again, Mum...!)
Escaped convict Mary Bryant - who was a clever lass and none too shabby in the looks dept according to the TV series - was given an unconditional pardon in England after James Boswell stuck his nose in.
Couldn't have had anything to do with Mary flashing an ankle at him...could it?

1902 Fantabulous Aussie author Alan Marshall was pupped.

1964 The final ever tram trundled its way back to the sheds for the last time in Wellington, NZ.
For more goodies on the delicious trams click HERE.

1966 Bust out the bubbly and streamers, Shirl - Upper Hutt was excited beyond compare when it was declared a City.

1968 There's a message in this for Rudd-meister, if he can be bothered listening to someone who isn't a 4 foot tall green pixie...
The Federal Govt were a tad red-faced when they had to admit that, oops, yes indeedy those twenty-four F-111's Pig Iron Bob Menzies had ordered 5 years ago had somehow appreciated in value 140% from $112 million to $266 million.
Oh my giddy aunt....

1983 Cliff Young, 61 yr old gum-booted spud farmer from Colac won the 875 km race from Sydney to Melbourne.

2003 The largest tree in the whole land of Oz was found in April and then killed in Forestry Tasmania.
Yes, they did.
Read about it HERE.


  1. "Mr Creak said the tree's death was a "learning experience""

    Yes...we now know how bloody stupid the forestry commission are.

  2. But, see Brian, they've had a learning experience from slaughtering this magnificent tree (too OTT? No? ok)and this experience will probably stay with them for a whole, hmmm, 5 mins.

  3. The poor tree only toppled, finally, in 2007, according to this blog site. Cooked from the inside out! Nasty way to go, even for a tree.

  4. Hiya Jayne, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your thrift stores must be expensive if you think my recent buys were reasonably priced. I think there isnt as much being given to charity these days as everyone sells their things on auction sites so what the thrift stores sell just seems alot dearer than it used to be.

    I read the article about the tree, what a shame and what idiots the fc are.

    Next time I am in Scotland I will watch out for the lady with the sporran. I hope she isnt haunting the place Eek! LOL! X

  5. Isn't it comforting {/sarcasm} to know they're what's keeping the forest alive, Lisa?!

    Thanks for popping by here, too, VK, Love your recipes and cocktails as well as the bargains you've found ;)
    Yep, online auctions have a lot to answer for!

  6. "...things ivegie garden that are not discussed in polite company..."
    AHA!! Now we know where you bury the bodies.....

    I vaguely remember that show about Mary Bryant.

  7. bloody non-responsive type keys!
    That's things IN THE VEGIE garden etc.

  8. LMAO River
    Shhhhhhhh, don't share the secret of my fertiliser ;)