Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Sixes and Sevens

Yes, I cheated and crammed two days into one.
So, shoot me.
Got nothing exciting to share....we had chicken shasliks on salad for tea.....and enjoyed Thank God You're Here....and Spicks and that Adam Hills, worth his comedic weight in gold.....Wil Anderson did a whiny, bitchy schoolgirl thang via Twitter during the Logies but he should leave that to whiny bitchy schoolgirls who do it so much better... we still enjoy the Gruen Transfer, Wil, even if you did lose your Oscar AFI Award Nobel Peace Prize Logie to a show where people had to guess the amount of money in a suitcase ...

*waves to Wil and reconsiders following him via Twitter*

1839 (6) A mere four years after he'd ambled along the Yarra and thought "Crikey, this would be a great spot for a pub to brew beer,throw a fishing line in or a big blokey shed a village" John Batman popped his clogs from Syphilis.
Ahhh, syphilis...the gift that just keeps on giving while turning your brain into Swiss cheese.

1846 (7) A heavy wet season lead to a landslide at Lake Taupo that wiped out the village of Te Rapa.
For more information click HERE.

1872 (6) Adelaide was awash with champers, streamers and giggles - no, the navy was not in town for the day - the GPO in King William Street was officially opened.

1884 (7) A Royal Commission on insane asylums was established.
Read the fine print and yes, you'll find my name mentioned several times.
No, you may not have an autograph.

1886 (6) The St James to Yarrawonga branch line greased its rails and started work.
Do you know what that means, Lynne Kosky?

1891 (7) Ohhhh! Mz Kosky! Mz Kosky!
Just thought you'd like to know the Merton to Maindample railway line was opened on this day.
Exciting stuff, eh?!

1968 (7) Happy Birthday Traci Lords. 
If you have to ask who she is, then you're better off not knowing :)

1994 (7) Just when they could have escaped...!
Christmas Island residents voted at a referendum to get themselves a bigger and better form of self-rule but drew the line at unhitching their plot of dirt from Oz in secession.

1996 (6) Across the ditch they shrugged off Liz and her co-horts like an old cardigan when a completely NZ system of honours came into being on this day.
To learn more click HERE.

1997 (7) NZ was the first (again) when the world's first Intersex Centre opened in Wellington, with the Intersex Society of NZ being founded by Mani Bruce Mitchell.

2005 (6) The world - or at least Oz - first came to hear of a woman called Vivian Solon who was illegally deported from Oz.
Yes, desperate asylum seekers are forbidden into the country....yet the lawful residents get shipped out, too.....
Hey, Turnbull...? Chuck us a pair of floaties for the trip, mate?


  1. "So, shoot me."

    Hold on...stop weaving about, I'm trying to get my pea shooter loaded up here.

  2. Wat? They dumped me and my cohorts? How outrageous. LMAO!LOL Great post Jayne. This...clog thing you realise the Clog Popping Society will be most distressed about yet another member popping off like that. Dreadful business.Since I'm in my Gossip image for now I'll spread the rumours...

  3. ahhh so that's what the tweeting/logie fuss was about. and yet no one blinked an eye when I bagged her hosting the ceremony before it took place........ lol

  4. What did you think of Shaun Micallif's new show?

  5. Ner, ner, ner, ner ,nerrrrrrrr, Brian *wiggling fingers with thumbs stucks in ears whilst poking my tongue out*PMSL Thanks Liz, I love it - "Clog Popping Society" !
    I'm sure your tiara will still fit and out-shine the other non-Royal dignitaries ;)

    B, we're allowed to bag her hosting abilities (or lack thereof) but those who are present shouldn't drink and Twitter when missing out on a Logie - it just.looks.whingy. lol

    I haven't caught Shaun's new show yet, FF, but it looks good!
    Did you watch it?

  6. I always forget that Aussie say 'crikey' too!


  7. What did you think of Gretel Killeen's performance as host? Bring back Burt, I say!

    Take Care,

  8. Change of heart! Hugh Jackman would be a far better choice.

    Take Care,

  9. The pron Traci Lords biog is more interesting than one would think really.
    The other Tracy Lords was screened last weekend and I watched it for the fabulous clothes worn by Grace Kelly, but really, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra both repulsive bashers of women and children, and the older film with Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant is far superior.

    Didn't watch one second of the Logies.

  10. LOL Maddy ;)

    Oh, abso-bloody-lutely, Peter, Hugh Jackman can host anything, anytime, anywhere (clothes optional) !

    YES, Annie, totally agree!!!!
    Can NOT stand Bing Crosby (washing my mouth out for uttering his name), Frankie only in very small doses.
    LOVE and much prefer the version with Jimmy and Cary, the other is a pale imitation of a great comedy and has nothing going for it except it was a vehicle to hide the fact Grace was bonking Bing.

  11. Hugh Jackman can host anything, anytime, anywhere. (clothes optional)
    No, no, no. Clothes are essential. That way I can imagine undressing him. Slowly. Mmmm.

  12. Would you like me to pass you the golden syrup or Ice Magic chocolate topping, River ?!

  13. I wonder how Traci Lords will blow, um... blow out her candles?