Monday, May 11, 2009

Mmmmmmmmmmmm foooooooooood

 On Saturday I managed to snaffle 2 whopping massive fish for $10.
After filleting them into portions I have enough for 4 generous meals, for 4 people, making the fish worth a not-so-whopping 62 cents per person.
Throw in the various vegies and such like, divide, multiply, carry the decimal point and put the rubbish out on Sundays and there you have some very cheap meals, as Lord Sedgwick has previously mentioned.
Get off the beaten track to the usual supermarkets and go explore the local Asian grocery markets, Greek delis/butchers, wholesalers, local farmers markets, etc.

Supernatural stuffs for WiddleShamrock -Tis the Roman Festival of Lemuria where ghosts were celebrated...or told to hit the road, depending on how they'd been observing the lease agreements.

1892 That fabulous, wonderful old stick of a Brit actor whom I adore to bits, Dame Margaret Rutherford was pupped on this day.
Read about the fascinating life she led HERE.

1938 In a horrific race day at Morphetville in South Oz 4 jockeys crashed with 2 dying and the others severely injured.
One of the killed, Ray Wilson, was buried in Melbourne General Cemetery and his elaborate tomb may be seen HERE.

1945 The only combat soldier to have a bar added to his Victoria Cross, Charles Upham, received both on this day for his bravery during WW2.
Read more about this impressive bloke HERE.

1978 The very first distance, or open, university was well and truly opened on this day; Deakin Uni down Geelong way.

Had a lovely time out for lunch yesterday with the whole tribe of 8, (the 2 sons-in-law-to-be included) with eye fillet steak melting in our mouths on a bed of truffled gnocchi with broccolini, cooked cherry toms on the vine and beautifully presented in a Port Wine Jus.


  1. Lord I'm starving just reading that. Glad you had a good day :)

  2. Marita, twas a meal we shall remember with longing and fondness for many a year lol ;)

  3. She Fillets. That could make an interesting T-shirt.

    I don't fillet so I can't have one.

  4. Sounds great......... I'm lookign forward to the day when my children can take me out for a lunch like that!

  5. "After filleting them into portions I have enough for 4 generous meals, for 4 people, making the fish worth a not-so-whopping 62 cents per person."

    Apprentice Jesus.

    Totally agree with you about Magaret Rutherford. Her and Alistair Sim...greatest Brits that ever lived bar none.

  6. What kind of fish were they, please?

  7. LOL Elizabeth, t'would scare the neighbours even more!

    See, B? There is a reward at the end of the looooooooong teen years ;)

    I'm still working on the water into wine, Brian, I keep getting whine, instead :P

    I think Aussie Salmon, River, but the only certain thing is - they were dead and cost $5 each and were HEAVY to carry home.
    Was going to take a pic but I was halfway through butchering the victims by the time I thought of it and it was looking like a bloodbath....

  8. Hmmm, not a big fan of salmon.