Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Money (and Wayne Swan) is too tight to mention, Money, Money, Money

 Well, the Aussie budget came down down down down -look out below! - down down down - see? Hell hasn't frozen over yet!- down down  until you could safely assume the Sun had been snuffed out as the hole the reserve-rooting Rudd-meister had dug for us was so very deep.
Feral Queen and I are proposing running away to sea on Sea Horses, maybe take in some of the coastline of Canada, possibly start a hippy commune plaiting wild grasses into flooring and flog it to the gullible tourists for a motza and buy our own country.
Then we could make the rules.
They involve vats of pig lard, yo-yo strings, fairy bread, home-made whips from spinning a tea towel into a spiral and cracking it on someone's unsuspecting arse and water-proof mascara.
And loads of Sarsparilla.

1835 Marvellous Melbourne almost became Batmania when the title was suggested (probably amidst much mirth and mead) on this day.
Along with other names like Bareport, Bearbrass, Barehurp, Bareberp and Bareheep.
Yeah, and they reckon succeeding generations are insane?!
Anyways, learn more about the nutters pioneers in this interactive site HERE.

1868 The first Aussie cricket team to take on the Poms on their own soil was the famous Indigenous team, who toured England a full ten years before the first white Aussie team got underway.
Read some more about the Aboriginal cricketers HERE.

1936 The NZ National Party was pupped on this day.
Read more about the creation of this political party HERE.

1947 Celebrated Kiwi artist Frances Hodgkins passed away.
Learn more about this talented woman HERE.

2002 One of my fav Aussie actors, talented Ruth Cracknell who rated up there with Maragret Rutherford, passed away on this day.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu -
Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Low GI and yummy, this is easy to make, will suit any sauce you wish to drape it in and can accompany any meal.
Boil a sweet spud to within an inch of it's life. Mash it - do NOT add any milk/water/butter/margarine - then let it chill in the fridge.
After it's got some street cred start mixing plain flour in until it resembles pastry.
Spring onions, cheese,etc, may be added at this stage.
Start rolling it out on a floured surface, then when it's 2 mm high, start chopping into itty bitty squares.
Mark with the tines of a fork (for the sauce to get into the groove) then chill in the fridge for another hour.
Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, start plopping the gnocchi in and wait till they float, remove with a slotted spoon and serve the starving hordes.
Or you could use the slotted spoon as a catapult and start a food fight.


  1. National Party are in Power now too. You know more about NZ than I do.

  2. I learn something from you every post. You should publish this stuff, really. A syndicate or something!

  3. Ahh, they might throw a party, WS.
    Party poopers :P

    Thanks, Rhubarb :)
    Am considering a book, maybe, just got to find the time ;)

  4. Might have a crack at the gnocchi.

  5. I will try that gnocchi. I will probably stuff it, but meh... nothing ventured

  6. "Feral Queen and I are proposing running away..."

    I wouldn't bother. Every government in the world has adopted the same 'borrow now pay later' scheme and they're all claiming credit for it. Makes me wonder who's lending us all this wonga, to be honest.

  7. Robbing Peter to pay Paul no doubt, Brian.
    Especially if Paul will pay a higher interest rate than Peter!

  8. Hi! I see the cost of smokes is going up again! I suppose I'll have to cough up more to support my habit!

    Take Care,

  9. I'm going to try your gnocchi recipe. Last time I attempted gnocchi with regular tatties it all turned to very unpleasant mush in the pan. ...I think my recipe failed to say to chill it (which undoubtedly helps)!

  10. I should try that gnocchi recipe, it seems so simple - which probably means I will stuff it up badly. :grin: