Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monty Python running amok with the hand grenade of Antioch....May 26

 Found the jumping castle that has apparently been in high demand.
On the new Vodafone ad.
On the idiot box.
No one has been kind enough yet to upload it to Youtoob so I cannot share if you have missed it.
Just keep watching the creeks and rivers...and the telly.

Have ordered the 2 series of Sea Patrol for my local library to buy and am mighty glad I did so after last night's episode ( be still my beating heart).
Next week Jeremy Lindsay Taylor is topless and covered in oil.
This is why women had fainting fits in Victorian times, nothing to do with those tight corsets!

 Tis Cherry Dessert Day, and today's Frugal Food recipe will be an easy to make cherry dessert.

1232 Pope Gregory da 9th was Da Man when he sent the first Inquisition into Spain.
Coz Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

1859 Those readers in Christchurch were a happy bunch of subscribers when the first public library opened in (temporary premises) the Town Hall in High Street.
It later moved to the Mechanics Institute later that year which you can read about HERE.

1879 As a protest against surveys of confiscated Maori land the Parihaka Maori began a ploughing campaign on the confiscated lands.
Learn more about this pacifist rebellion HERE and HERE

1893 The NSW Govt authorised treasury notes to those poor unfortunate people who trusted the dastardly banks only to have their monies locked up in them whilst they were suspended from business.
Sound familiar, anyone...?

1894 Leila Adair became the first chicky-babe to make like a seagull across Kiwi skies with her hot-air balloon ascent from Palmerston North.

1895 Transcribed from The Richmond Guardian fish wrapper -
Excitement gripped Tigerland when the Richmond Town Hall clerk's brother was, after enduring the wilds of Fern Tree Gully station for 5.5 years, transferred as stationmaster to Middle Footscray station.

Woo hoo.

1924 Alica Katz waltzed in where angles feared to tread... she was the first chicky-babe to stand for the seat of Barwon in Victoria's Parliament.


  1. "This is why women had fainting fits in Victorian times..."

    Because they couldn't breathe from the noxious gasses? I can only assume from the photographs that every time his arse surfaced it broke wind...

  2. Cat-head eatting, Chicky-babes and Jumping Castles... now all we need is some colostomy bags and Lindsay Lohan and we've got ourselves a freakshow people! woot!

    who the hell is lindsay Taylor...?

    good friend of yours mum?
    *makes best innocent look*

  3. Thanks for the link to the Spanish inquisition hehehe that is one of my favourite sketches.

  4. I thought Lindsay Lohan was a douchebag, but that's just me.

    Thank you, Jayne for our Asian language lesson on a very fine surface. :)

  5. Chicky babes, jumping castles and hot dudes covered in oil.......... *does her best victorian swoon*

  6. I quite like that bum, Brian, it's quite pattable :P

    Follow the link , daughter dear, you've seen Lindsay Taylor quite often, just not in the state he's in...

    You're welcome, Kim :)

    Nope, not just you, Anja. Let's have a douchebag fan club :)
    Yes, I'm certain we could hold whole language lessons around that piece of slippery skin ;)

    Does it get any better, B ?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. i know who he is "MU-UM"!!!... i was exadurating the fact thaat he's a nobody... sheesh! gimme Tall dark and mysterious anyday! he's just... well he's not my mister!

    i agree that she's the queen of douchbaggery, i DID say freakshow after all...