Friday, May 15, 2009

Sometimes I wonder what all these chemicals are doin' to my brain...

I'm happy to rhapsodise about a shop that I often pass, Blackwood Lane; fantastic goodies for the kitchen, imported yummy food, great accessories for all baking fetishes.
Fab little shop with cake tins/moulds of all shapes and sizes - even a doll's skirt-shaped cake tin for Barbie doll cakes - imported gluten-free German beer and all sorts of gluten-free cake decoration needs, gift box sets, everything a gourmand could dream of and then some.
Call them or pop out to the shop to get an eyefull of the great stuff they stock.

1718 Just when Andrew thought we were all Puckled out, Puckled up to the eyebrows and Puckled pink....
Today James Puckle patented the first machine gun.
A man in a hurry to do a nasty mischief to as many as possible in the shortest time available.
Obviously a lawyer.

Started out...just drinkin' beer....mrgreen
1803 First Catholic Mass in The Land of Oz and the first Cat-o-lick (for WiddleShamrock's mother) marriage was celebrated in Syd-oh-knee by Father Dixon, but not of Dock Green.

I didn't know how or why or what I was doin' there....
1818 And neither, apparently, did Father Jeremiah O'Flynn who was tossed with gay abandon into gaol for lacking the correct credentials to conduct a church choir let alone a church service.

1840 Proving old tales don't necessarily begin with old wives, the Cuerdale Viking Hoard was unearthed on this day in Brian's neck of the woods near Lancaster.
Probably somewhere near Ramper Pot, Mill Flepp, Mill Swain and ye olde mill race.razz
Read more about the goodies they discovered HERE.

Just a couple more made me feel a little better....
1920 There were plenty in Wanganui who needed more than a couple to steady their nerves after the Mayor of Wanganui, Charles Mackay took to poet D'Arcy Cresswell with a loaded gun when Cresswell had the front to threaten to expose more than the Mayoral Robes could hide - the fact that Mackay was gay.
Read more HERE.

Believe me when I tell you it was nothin' to do with the letter...
1935 But it had everything to do with the air-mail!
Whilst winging his way to NZ with precious air-mail Kingsford Smith's plane, The Southern Cross, developed a nasty knock in the engine so co-pilot P.G Taylor hopped out of his seat and popped along to transfer oil from one engine to another.
In mid-flight.

I ran right out of beer I took a look in the larder...
1965 Running out of beer perhaps but when NZ PM Sir Keith Holyoake opened Benmore Dam the Kiwi's weren't likely to run out of H2o anytime soon.

No bones, nothin' I better go get somethin' harder...
2006 Kiwi Mark Inglis went and did something harder when he spent 40 days climbing Mt Everest to become the first double amputee to reach the summit.

For the full video of the fab Mental As Anything song The Nips Are Getting Bigger (now that it's stuck in your head) click


  1. "But the website lets it down."

    I must admit, I was waiting for several minutes expecting something else to load in, but it didn't."...the Cuerdale Viking Hoard was unearthed on this day in Brian's neck of the woods near Lancaster."

    Athelstan's Treasure! I know it well. We were very big on the Norse around the Fylde and Wyre. I've written to the museum in London several times asking for it back, but the ignorant sods just keep ignoring my letters.

  2. "But the website lets it down."

    Perhaps so, but I saw lots of product totally new to me. I did go to desserts and hoped for some mouthwatering photos and was sadly disappointed.

    Add my congrats to FB.

  3. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day and I haven't checked out the clip. Curse you, woman. *sniggers*

  4. How odd that they haven't returned it tout de suite, Brian!

    They have wonderful stock and stuffs, Elizabeth, the sort you won't find in chain store supermarkets.

    Excellent, Anja, my dastardly plan has worked!
    Now I've got to work out why I need everyone singing "Whoa ohh ohhh yeah, the nips are getting bigger"

  5. 1803 - Would that be the Father Dixon portrayed in the mini series Against The Wind? Aired some time in the eighties if I remember, starred Jon English. I still have the show on video, but not having a VCR, I can't watch it. I'll have to track down a dvd copy. JB-HiFi, here I come.

  6. Oops, I was wrong. Darn, I hate that. Being wrong, it happens so often, you'd think I'd be used to it...
    The series aired in 1978, Roger Oakley played Father Dixon and Gerard Kennedy was in it too, as Dinny O'Byrne.

  7. "...and I'll buy you six ribbons to tie back your hair"
    That's the one, River ;)

  8. Lord that is a terrible website. Obviously a shop I actually have to visit.