Friday, May 22, 2009

To be, or not to be... Fat is the question...

"A BRITISH woman lost 25kg in weight after being hypnotised into thinking she had a gastric band fitted." See more here.
Isn't it funny how someone has to be hypnotised to lose weight? How simple it is to manipulate the human mind... doctors could so very easily take you into a surgical room, give you a general anaesthetic make a cut into your stomach stitch it back up and leave you there whilst they do important procedures and when you wake up say, “you’ve now got a gastric band, you’ll need to do this, this and this… and we’ll ask that you go to your GP for future check ups…”
But you shouldn’t even NEED to be hypnotized or tricked… as far as I’m concerned, Doctors have more important operations than adding bands to the ever growing weight gaining populous… people forget that the weight you gain is either a direct result of a glandular problem, which can be fixed with medications or introducing Iodine into your diet to help with the thyroid gland, or it’s their life style. The life style factor isn’t so much what they eat (however it’s always better to eat healthily) but its how much they eat and why…
The funny thing is, that I was watching “Ready steady cook” the other day, and heard so many contestants say the same things as some people on Opera, Ellen, the View, Dr. Phil etc… they all say it, “I’m so busy that I don’t have the time to cook.”
I was absolutely gob smacked! These are people with children! If I’d been standing in the studio’s with them I would have b***h-slapped their a**’s back into the middle ages! Who has children, and doesn’t “have enough time” to look after them properly? I can condone one night a week/fortnight having junk food as a treat, but every night? And if you’re really that strapped for time, then how do they help your kids with their homework? How do they do any house work? How do they do things they like? People need to MAKE the time… and kids LOVE to spend time with their parents! Get them to help with making dinner! Get them to peel the potatoes, get them to fill the pot full of water, and to learn how to cook at the same time! Something that they could do is remove the TV set for about a week and see how much a change in their life that makes!
See here for ideas on making cooking fun for the whole family:

Here are some ideas for recipes:

See here about how iodine helps your body

If you want to lose weight, you should do it right. What you eat, how much you eat, and why you eat really need to be analysed…
(Did you know that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise?)

Speak to your doctor about getting some nutritional booklets or be referred to a nutritionist, it’s always good to know what you need to eat and what foods should and should not be eaten together, at the same time your doctor can monitor you and make sure you’re doing it right!
The nutritional books should indicate to you how much you should be eating too which is a big factor.
A lot of the reason why Australia (and other western countries) have become so obese, is because we really don’t know what we’re putting into our bodies… 60 years ago, there wasn’t fast food and preservatives were unheard of, and although there were a small amount of fat people, they were 10 times healthier than a healthy weighted person is today!
For instance, so many people these days have no idea how beneficial a Banana can be for them! The potassium that helps the body absorbs Vitamin D from the Sun… that, in turn, increases the Endorphin levels in your brain. (a chemical that increases happiness. These endorphins can also be increased by sex, chocolate, and exercise) Banana’s are also good brain food for when doing school/paper work as it is the quickest release energy you can get that doesn’t make you crash like a sugar high does.
And there are loads of other fruit and vegetables that offer all sorts of different benefits that can change the way you feel and think on a day to day basis!
The other thing that REALLY gets me a-giggling is the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE are suing McDonalds, Hungary Jacks and other fast food corporations for making them fat! They provide a service to the public… they never FORCED these people to eat the food… they didn’t tie them down and poured the 11 secret herbs and spices down their throat! They got into the car, drove to their local store, pulled out the money, and requested the food. Granted there is the fact that they make the food inexpensive and easily obtainable, but if you do the math, you’re actually spending more money on the junk food (another benefit of eating healthily), and because of all the preservatives, you aren’t actually getting full… what you’re craving when you’re hungry isn’t a filler, but the nutritional value of vitamins and minerals that you need to fuel your entire body! Here’s some websites that can help: .

If you feel that you cant stop eating (like its taken over your life), you might also want to discuss with your doc about some small counselling, to help determine WHY you eat so much… some people do it because they’re depressed, some people do it because they don’t know any better, some people do it because of other reasons, but its always good to know why you do something so that you can stay in control at all times.
So many people use food as a happiness maker, they eat to drown their sorrows… others have over time, stretched their stomachs and can fit upsized meals which is silly in most people’s life style these days!
Food is a fuel, if you don’t exert a lot of energy on a daily basis, why eat so much? On top of that, if you can eat a large Big Mac meal and have dessert, you’re eating too much! The size of a Big Mac (JUST the Big Mac) is a little bit bigger than what a normal adult sized meal portion should be… If you can eat more than that, then you’ve probably stretched your stomach. Meaning that you can fit more in, but the excess of what you eat is unnecessary. When you eat, YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL FULL! Eat to satisfy, not break your belt!
Here are some interesting sites: .

Introduce one half hour of exercise a day… you can walk the dogs (a swift walk is best, not so much a stroll… you want to kick your heart rate up a little), join a gym, take the kids to the park (your kids need to exercise too to keep healthy), even on a Friday night take the family ice skating instead of movie night, etc. there are so many benefits you’ll notice once you do it everyday for a week! You’ll notice you’re not as lethargic, you’re not waking up grumpy and groggy you’re waking up properly, you’re getting a deeper sleep, if you’re a snorer that will reduce dramatically, you’ll ACTUALLY be happier! (As I said before exercise increases the endorphins) you’ll have more energy as the weeks progress, you’ll be more productive at work, and many more benefits come from exercise! It truly something that everyone should consider!
It’s any wonder we’re becoming a fat country! We’re too lazy! LOL!
Here are a few sites; they offer other ideas to introduce exercise into a busy lifestyle: .'d-like-to-exercise-but-I'm-far-too-busy  this one’s got heaps!

Another tip I can offer is to make it fun, and involve the whole family, this will remove temptation altogether, change the system of come home, eat, watch TV… remove the TV altogether, have the whole family in the kitchen, and replace TV with a physically fun game like twister!
Your family will benefit from this as a team, as you will be closer, healthier and happier with each other and your lives. And your kids/partner/housemates will have a closer relationship with you and, I’m telling you from experience, you’ll find you have so much fun!
Here are some sites with options and suggestions on making the exercise fun for the whole family: . .

I promise that if you do this for one month on a daily basis, you will lose weight, save money, feel fitter, less lethargic, more energised, and HAPPIER; you’ll be in touch with those in your life and even more!
But at the end of the day, you really have to want it, other wise you won’t stick to it and you’ll not benefit.


  1. Great post. So level headed and right to the point.

  2. Thanks guys! :)

    i'd like to think that if this could change at least one persons life for the better, than i've done what i was aiming to do!

    tis kind of life style has deff changed my life for the better! :)

  3. glands aren't the only things

    Ask anyone who has PCOS or metabolic syndrome how easy it is for them to do all the things you have listed here as the 'right things' and still slowly but surely put on weight.

    Keep writing though

  4. Mistress B,
    agreed, there are other factors that over-ride that healthy lifestyle on the weight loss issue.
    however, those who have these medical problems still benifit more form this lifestyle emotionally and physically, and socially, and shouldn't dismiss it as usless. :)
    they probably benifit MORE than anyone else by feeling better, and therefore have more self confidence and self esteem.

  5. So can I conclude, mothers should stay home and look after,cook, clean, entertain, amuse and stimulate their their children and not go off to work? (out of the corner of my eye I see a white stick approaching my head)

  6. Dina, Andrew... did you even read the whole blog?
    i only mean good things. being healthy and being physically active alone has more benifits than weightloss for all types of people.

    bugger this!
    if you want to see this as being a dig at people, then you go right ahead and think that... I dont give a damn about your oppinions. i know from experience that every person can benifit from a healthy life style. i really dont need your writen acceptance to validate my advice. go chat with your GP if you think i'm wrong. stuff this.

  7. Dina you're confusing myself with my daughter, SmittenKitteh (aka Feral Queen) - we are two separate people.
    What she was trying to address was the fact that Australia is the fattest country in the world which you yourself acknowledged when you stayed here earlier this year and commented on the serving sizes on your blog.
    As SmittenKitteh pointed out people should discuss their eating/food habits and weight with a doctor to determine why they eat like they do or are gaining weight despite their best efforts.
    The fact that many parents admit to feeding their children on fast food 6/7 days per week because they don't have time should be addressed rather than tip-toed around.

  8. So many links for me to follow. And I'm going to check them all. Maybe I'll find an idea or two. I do need to lose weight, about 15kgs, and I know how and why I've got fat. But i might still learn something new.

  9. All mothers know that if it's got tomarda sauce on it, kids will eat it, and to this end, the brainwave of the week award goes to the woman I just saw on a health program, who gives her kids spag bol with pureed broccoli in the meat sauce.
    If you can't outwit an eight-year-old, you should not be allowed to breed.

  10. What's wrong with fat people? I like fat people. They make less noise (apart from a bit of wheezing), they play less sport (which is always a good thing), they don't fight as much as thin people, they're funny when they get wedged in doors. I'd rather have a shapely woman any day than one of the horrible, anorexic stick insects you see all over the telly.

    The only reason the government doesn't like fat people is because it wants to cut down on the running costs of the NHS, so that they can allocate more funds for politicians' second homes and stuff. One of the main reasons why obesity runs rife amongst the lower orders is because cheaper food is pumped full of fat. Not something any government is keen to point out in their numerous 'Healthy Eating' campaigns.

    Fat people are excellent and far superior to whinging skinnies. There's a lot more to hang onto for a start.

  11. Smitten Kitten, I loved your post. I am twice the size I should be for my height (literally) and have PCOS. I struggle like buggery to lose the weight even though I follow your ideas, which are sound and common sense.

    I am under a doctor (ooer) yet still nothing. TBH, working my fat butt off and getting nowhere is very disheartening.

    I struggle to understand the fast foos mentality. What ever happened to the day when take out was a treat on a Friday night, not 5 times a week?

    Steady on though on the no TV!!!!! lol. ACtually, we had no TV for 2 years when it was Teen Shamrock and myself. Nowadays we have TV free days. I don't think it's just TV, there are also computers and playstations. This is why we have the rule of only a certain amount of 'screen time' per day.

    I think parents should make and take the time to give healthy options. Or is that too un~feminist for me to say that?

  12. Take two.

    Sorry Smitten. I did not realise it wasn't my treasure Jayne. I was being provocative, working my may to a post of my own. Can I try again?

    Starting backwards, yes suing McDonalds is absurd. The rest are pretty wise words, with the qualification that some people perhaps really should not have children because they are incapable of looking after themselves let alone children and making sure the children have a balanced food intake, exercise....well, all the things you mentioned. I do try with the food I eat, and mostly succeed. Eek, I don't ever use salt. I better research this iodine business a bit more.

  13. I've tried to ignore you up until now but I've had a gut full.
    I've deleted your last offensive remark as I find it hypocritical that you are coming over to my blog several times during the day searching through old posts and posting comments accusing me of cyber-bullying when I have studiously ignored you.
    You were more than disagreeing - you were attacking the person not the article. Also you thought you were attacking me, not my daughter, so don't give me the "chalking it up to youth" rubbish.
    After the rude, sarcastic serving you thought you were giving me I was merely returning the favour.
    An eating disorder does not give you free reign to attack anyone who posts about diet and exercise nor is it a get-out-of-gaol-free card to excuse your rudeness.
    I do not wish to continue any further dialogue with you on this matter.

  14. What a wonderful post. I know I personally don't put anywhere near the effort in that I should with regards my nutrition and that of my kids. And you are right, there are no excuses, it's just laziness. I for one needed the wake up call. It bites, but hopefully it will be something that helps to tip me over the edge.


  15. What a wonderful and honest post. I lost 90 pounds and still need to lose more. No surgery--I just changed my life style. I am living proof that if you eat fruit, vegetables, grains etc, you can lose weight relatively easy. I did. I had a little therapy too. I was fortunate that I didn't inflict my bad habits on my children. I started my way to fatness when they were grown. I now cook all meals for my daughter and her husband and we eat great food that's healthy. I don't want to die from obesity. I want to be around to take care of my granddaughter who is due to be born in a week.

    The problem with the band is that you really don't learn how to eat. Until you are willing to change your eating habits you will never lose weight and keep it off. A person can pretend their fatness doesn't bother them but they are lying to themselves.

    I could go on and on but I won't. You really got across what people need to do if they want to lose weight and keep it off. It's really the only way.

    I'm going to check out your links. Thanks