Friday, May 1, 2009

Trivial Hockey Sticks and History Balls of Steel.... May 1st

....We are the best, So screw the rest,
We'll do as we damn well please.
Until the end
St Trinian's
Defenders of Anarchy.

I swear they save everything up for the first of each month, lulling everyone into a false sense of nothing happening then BAM! they knock you over with a gazillion events just when you've managed to fall off the park bench into a coma-like slumber.....

1788 Some time early in the merry merry month of May Rev. Richard Johnson took a look at Bridge Street in Sydney - before there was a Bridge street or a Sydney - and he thought the area could do with an orange grove.
So, being the first to do so, he planted a shedload of orange trees grown from Brazilian seeds sprouted on the way to the Land of Oz.

1856 The Good Lord of All Things Railroad looked down upon the State of Victoria and yea, She did bless this land with the Victorian Railways on this day.

1886 The Melbourne-ites were revolting...and oh, how revolting they really were!
The Melbourne Anarchist Club was established on this day above a fruit shop.
Anarchy makes good government ....yeah,but are they as dedicated as St Trinian's?

1889 The first official anti-Chinese meeting was held at the Melbourne Town Hall.
Cause all the unofficial ones had previously been held round the back.
With wooden 2 x 4s.
And a distinct lack of friendship.

1893 King Dick became Premier of Aotearoa.
No I'm not being rude (for once) Richard Seddon was often called King Dick.
And we shall not ask why.

1915 The NZ Rifle Brigade was born, to become part of the NZ Expeditionary Force in WW1.

1915 The Sydney Scientific Spleen Squad (stop laughing, they were playing at being anarchists) posed some queries...which you'd better read HERE if you're going to continue snorting and smirking like that.....

1920 The Kiwi newspaper The Colonist, which began printing in 1857,  gave its last hurrah and was absorbed into The Nelson Evening Mail.

1926 The NZ Railways Magazine was published for the first time on this date.
Which you can read through HERE.
To read through the other issues click HERE.

1946 Aboriginal stockman all through the Pilbarra walk off the job in protest at slave-like working conditions.

1967 A massive national immunisation campaign began with the Sabin Polio Vaccine.
Get one for your kids today, it's the latest must-have along with the Wii-fit!

1997 Melbourne's Pentridge Prison was closed....but continues to be the scene of horrendous crimes with flocked wallpaper partnered with floral carpets...EEK!


  1. No! No, no, no, no, no....!
    The original is always the best! Now place those stupid Girls Aloud records in the dustbin please, and let's go from the top again gals:

    Maidens of St Trinians
    Gird your armour on
    Grab the nearest weapon
    Never mind which one!
    The battles to the strongest
    Might is always right
    Trample on the weakest
    Glory in their plight
    St. Trinians! St Trinians!
    Our battle cry.
    St Trinians! St. Trinians!
    Will never die.

    Stride toward your fortune
    Boldly on your way
    Never once forgetting
    There's one born each day.
    Let our motto be broadcast
    'Get your blow in first'
    She who draws the sword last
    Always comes off worse.
    St. Trinians! St. Trinians
    Our battle cry.
    St. Trinians! St. Trinians!
    Will never die!

  2. Well, that was ten minutes of my life that I'll never get back again.

  3. Wooden 2x4s and a distinct lack of friendship.
    How very un-Australian.

    I love the original St Trinians movies.
    "Morals is..not going out with boys-after dark."

  4. Oh, good, you feel cheated, too Brian?

    It was indeed, River.
    They're classics!

  5. See, I am thinking I missed out on some rite of passage by only knowing of St Trins through WOM.

    They were nothing like the real thing. We very rarely played hooky - I mean, hockey.

    And anarchy was pushing the boundaries to where the mistresses took notice, but in such a way their ineffective rule making and wielding of petty power floundered pathetically. Muahahaha

    See - I should have watched the movies, much safer for future psyches.