Friday, May 15, 2009

Vale Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

Legendary Aussie actor Charles 'Bud' Tingwell lost his fight with cancer today.
Have a look at his impressive body of work and then you'll realise how Oz is a little poorer for his passing but so much richer for his talent, his legacy but most of all for his wonderfully friendly and genuine nature.


  1. Watching that short movie link on the IMDB site has reminded me of what a great talent he was. His work was wonderful, and it is very sad that he is no longer among us.

    But yes, you're right, Jayne -- he has left us his legacy.

  2. Sorry Jayne...don't know who he is. If he didn't appear in Neighbours or Home and Away the chances are he'll never have appeared on British telly at all. If he'd been American it wouldn't have mattered what tosh he'd been in, we'd still have seen it. Such is the t.v. exec's special relationship with all cultures naff.

  3. Yep, Lisa, he has :)

    Tsk, tsk, Brian, you would have seen him in at 4 Miss Marple movies alongside Margaret Rutherford and countless other films, tv and radios spots as he lived and worked in the UK for some years.

  4. Bud Tingwell certainly was busy wasn't he? I've seen quite a few of those shows listed. Good, reliable, character actors tend to stick around far longer than those who carry on like superstars demanding this and that when they've only starred in a couple of movies. He'll be missed for sure.

  5. He was a gentleman. A busy, hard-working gentleman. The world is poorer for his passing. He was a first-class Aussie.

    (And certain rugby league idiots could take a leaf from his book when it comes to behaviour in general!).

  6. Brian... he was actually in Neighbours once! But as Jayne said, 'Bud' worked in the UK for about 17 years. And tonight I learned that he was even a voice artiste for The Thunderbirds!

  7. He was one of those actors that always made you smile - I don't ever recall him as a baddie, and if he was he STILL would have made you smile!

  8. Yes, he was a gentleman to perfection in style, manners, behaviour and graciousness.