Friday, May 29, 2009

Yawn worthy May 29

Today is Mt Everest Day.
Coz some nice bloke went for a post-luncheon stroll and found himself at the top of a really big hill.

Hope everyone's been enjoying the Frugal Food posts, each arvo at 2.01pm, to save money and feed your families.
Otherwise there's the odd dumpster diving class happenin' behind a burger store each evening near you!

1788 Two convicts gave up eating and drinking when Aboriginals did them a nasty mischief at Rushcutter's Bay.

1807 The first peal of church bells (oh yes, I can dredge up the most trivial of stuff) was heard throughout the colony when St Phillip's church in Sydney started banging its bells about.

1835 John Batman, co-founder of Bearbrass/Batmania aka Melbourne, bobbed up like a cork in Port Phillip.

A Jumping castle.

1886 The first trotting race meeting was held at Lancaster Park in The Shaky Isles.
Learn more info HERE.

1926 Allan Allardyce performed the first sports broadcast in NZ at a rugby match at Lancaster Park.
Learn more HERE.

1953 A Kiwi beekeeper and a Nepalese Sherpa became Kings of The World when they conquered Mt Everest.
Read more about Hillary HERE and Norgay HERE.

1959 The ever-ravishing Rupert Everett was dropped off by the stork.
Read more about resplendent Rupe HERE.

1967 The Aussie $5 note began socialising and circulating with all and sundry, showing none of the aloof dignity of its great aunt the $50 note.

1983 Fred Nile, in Sydney, called for all gay men to be quarantined.
But Fred, they're only too happy to embrace you, sweetums!

Check out the online petitions to save a wonderful piece of Aussie history HERE.
The clipper ship The City of Adelaide, 6 years older than The Cutty Sark, has been earmarked for demolition but it's part of our heritage so make your mark on the petition relevant to you and hopefully Adelaide will have this grand dame back in her home port.


  1. "The ever-ravishing Rupert Everett was dropped off by the stork."

    Looks like he fell a long way before he landed, as well.

  2. I should know better than you, but why didn't we have the $5 note at the beginning of decimal currency?

  3. i could only read a small amount of this! LOL!

    my attention span is shorter than a someone with short term memory loss this morning!!!

    i went to go make myself a cuppa... and forgot my cup.
    i have been confusing calls with previous ones...
    i'm getting aall mixed up today for sure!

    Ah yes... its a friday.

  4. everytime I see you reference Batman my head goes *narnar narnar narnar narnar batman!*

  5. They have classes in dumpster diving?? Huh. Who knew......

    I read the petitions and signed for both. History is so important to a country that only has a couple of hundred years worth.