Monday, June 1, 2009

Accidentally Cool Chocolate Starfish June 1st

Hope you enjoy the Goodnight Kiwi (does he have an actual name?) video I've popped in further down seeing as so many  NZ TV milestones occurred on this day.

But remember!
The middle of the year is upon us!
White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.....which I'm told are sweet and tender when soaked in milk prior to cooking.

Oh look, I just found Aussie band Chocolate Starfish HERE.
Yes, it may have rude connotations but, meh, you'll get used to it.

1495 Friar John Cor recorded the first distillation of some little-known  shpirhit  shhhh sper*hic* spirit called Scotch *hic* Whisky *hic*.

1533 Anne Boylen had a crown shoved on her noggin and had to sew a new name tag on the back of her gym shorts to read Queen Consort.
But perhaps t'would have been easier for all if she'd used Velcro instead of blanket stitch ?

1836 Melbourne's first settlers created their very own de facto government.....which probably had far more commonsense and grey matter on the boil than correctly elected officials up woop-woop way...or those currently polishing the seats in Spring Street.
*waves to the Premier's Office and Parliamentary Library readers*

1837 The first patches of dirt, barely even renovators delights, in Melbourne and Williamstown were thrown into the sales ring.
Snapped up for a song, I imagine, and flogged for a handful of beans in the next depression.

1885 The tri-weekly newspaper The Cambridge News first fluttered forth into the general public's hot little mitts to spread the news and gossip in NZ until it ceased in 1889.

1959 The Migration Act burst into this space time reality that saw the implosion of the Dictation Test which could not exist on the same plane as that which stopped the entry of decent human beings into Oz....and several metal mantra ray creatures with the zap of about 500 Bernards.
As proposed in theory by Professor Bernard Quartermass and later proven in a working model by Professor Malcolm Taylor.

1960 At 7.30pm NZ saw the first official TV transmission.
For more details on this momentous event click HERE.

1961 Not getting enough from TV One Christchurch's CHTV 3 began transmission.
For further goss and nitty gritty on Kiwi telly click HERE.

1984 NZ's AIDS Support Network was formed on this day, later becoming NZ AIDS Foundation.

1985 25 years of Kiwi telly was celebrated when TV One aired a 3.5 hour show.

The Goodnight Kiwi who I think has nicked the Doctor's TARDIS and is using it as a lift up to it's lonely and virtuous nest to signal the Martians is really cute.

2008 The withdrawal of 550 troops from Iraq signalled Australia's end of combat operations.

Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the
Cloister Bell tolls,
It tolls for thee. 


  1. Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish now runs a workshop program called Muso Magic. I recommend listening to a song called Rage of Passion from Aug 08 in the school workshop section :D Most excellent!
    Plus the others of course, but I love this one.

  2. I take it they're called Chocolate Starfish because they only ever produce crap?

  3. "Hope you enjoy the Goodnight Kiwi (does he have an actual name?) video I've popped in ..."

    Thanks for that! No, he's just the Goodnight Kiwi. His cat is named *drumroll* ... The Cat.

  4. Cool, Antikva, thanks for that !
    It looks great!No, Brian, you're thinking of Amy Winehouse :P

    LOL Lisa, ta. They're both sweet :)

    Anonymous - not really interested in umpity-bajillion links so your comment was rejected like the fish of John West, petal.
    Yes, I can reject comments, oddly enough!

  5. IIBC, the backing music to the Goodnight Kiwi sequence was the Maori song "Hino e Hino;" please correct me on this.

    (Which, if I'm not mistaken, sounds a bit similar to the French-Canadian standard "Mon petit canadienne.")

  6. Goodnight Kiwi and the cat.

    got to give points for the obvious lol