Monday, June 8, 2009

Ate my 'at at eight on the 8th, June

The cast iron hearth fits perfectly and is much approved of by Delilah.
Now I shall need to hunt me down some stove blacking and gets up before sparrow fart to gets down on me knees to clean me 'earth out proper lioke...

1882 The SPCA (later becoming the Royal NZ Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in Dunedin on this day.

Al Gore is coming to Melbourne - HA! 
That explains the cold snap we've had of late.

1897 I found this rather ironic, proving the more things change the more they stay the same and how little those who should have listened did just that.
Protection from fire was established in rural areas following the Royal Commission on State Forests and Timber Reserves on this day. This Commission looked at the measures needed to prevent the careless use of and the spread of fire on both private and public lands.
Excuse me a moment...

Each day I think there isn't any further evidence that could disgust me but, no, the good people who survived the horror manage to highlight yet more utter chaos by those who should have known better.

Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign is back up where she belongs.
See? Us Victorian's expect landmarks to stay put and we're all cock-a-hoop when things get put back where they belong....
Yes, the words Obsessive Compulsive and anal retentive have been flung at us, why do you ask...?

1942 Sydney and Newcastle were shelled by Japanese subs.
Next Sunday it's 3 Acts of Murder, the story of how famed author Arthur Upfield was over-heard figuring out how to get rid of bodies for his fictional story when it was acted upon to become non-fiction.
I just use my vegie patch to hide the bodies.....

1951 The famous School of The Air began broadcasting out of the Royal Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs.
Coz we got such a huge plot of dirt we gotta broadcast school lessons and fly the doctor around the joint.
Which makes home visits and the PTA interesting events to organise...!

Wandered around Carnegie doing my best to get Swine Flu but no bugger was willing to give it to me.
When something's for free it can't be had for love nor money, typical!

1984 T'was no longer against the law to be blithe and bonny, good and gay in the State of NSW.
About f'ken time.

Popped into the Carnegie Library; was overjoyed to discover they've got Upstairs and Downstairs on DVD!
Except someone has borrowed the first episodes of series 1 and the second episodes of series 2....
There's probably a very confused library borrower out there wondering "wtf?" with the TV show.
Also, if you're wanting to borrow the entire series of Stargate 1 they're available at Carnegie Library....well they were at 2pm yesterday.

1987 NZ legislation that made the country a nuclear and biological weapon free zone was passed into law.
For more information click HERE.

Was very happy happy joy joy when I found my local library has the Dame Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple flicks and 3801 A Legend In Steam.
That was right after the library lady showed me the secret password and way through the labyrinth to seek the titles of the DVD collection in their catalogue online.
It took me almost 2 hours to reach 'B' in their list....!


  1. I love it!
    Cazzie (I Don't Do Mornings!!!)

  2. there's a leprechaun in my soup....
    I know this goes back a day or so but it's been a worry.
    Was he whole, minced or chopped?

  3. "1882 The SPCA (later becoming the Royal NZ Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in Dunedin on this day."

    Funny how the websites of organisations even get their history slightly amiss. According to Papers Past, Christchurch had their society founded 5 June 1882, and in Dunedin 27 June. I, of course, being a Northerner, choose to stay out of the southern inter-provincial debate. ;)

    Auckland was a year later, on 10 October 1883, according to the SPCA site. (Another odd thing: we call ours SPCA, like the Americans. Down south, it's the RNZSPCA. They're more royal and patriotic than us, apparently.)

  4. While Audrey is about to be relit, the Nylex clock has failed to proceed for a couple of weeks now.

    As for the Royal Commission, it is sounding very like grossly poor management to me. At least no blame has been directed at those on the ground.

  5. Thanks, Cazzie :)
    I shall be looking out for more shifty blokes at the Market next week ;)

    He was entire, Elizabeth, a type of garnish one is expected to pluck out and drip on the bread and butter plate to one side, though he kept dodging the fork somewhat lol ;)

    Ahhh, thank you, Lisa.
    One site had Chch then the other site I looked up had another then it changed from SPCA to RNZSPCA and t'was rather muddling!
    I didn't think to consult Papers Past, I should do that ;)

    Yes, no one's taking responsibility for the Nylex clock, either, seems Mr Nobody screwed the heritage-listed piece of work over *sigh*.

    The poor buggers on the ground should get no blame for trying to do the best they could in such horrific circumstances.

  6. Being a foreigner who moved to Melbourne from Gold Coast back in 2000 I find the use of certain landmarks very confusing.

    The first time I attempted to go to IKEA I looked up the directions on their website to find it was next to the 'Skipping Girl Sign' which meant nothing to me.

    What was worse 'Skipping Girl Sign' is not listed in Melways. I would ask around how to get to IKEA and people just said near "Skipping Girl Sign" Gah!

  7. theres a password to the labyrinth, eh?? does David Bowie jump out at you and steal babies, whilst gyrating his ever impressive bulge at elderly passers by? then i'm signing up to that library damnit!

  8. Gawd that would be difficult, Marita, lol.
    But she's back can find Ikea easily :P *ducks and runs away*

    Dear Lord, have you just discovered the goodness that is the aging Rock God Bowie, SK ?

  9. HA! i've loved bowie for years Maaam!
    he's the only guy that could pull off that look and still be hot!

  10. Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies. Love that goblin king. My favourite moments are when he first appears in her bedroom window and when they're dancing in that bubble. I think i'll get it off the shelf and watch it after Nim's Island finishes.

    Why would anyone want to borrow SG1? Everyone I know bought it. So they could watch it over and over and over....mmmmm, Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks. Feeling a little warm here suddenly.....
    Stargate Atlantis isn't bad either.

  11. I remember watching Labyrinth back in high school and getting really upset at the ending. The girl should've hooked up with the sexy goblin king.

  12. LOL River.
    Couldn't get into Stargate Atlantis for ages but then it just clicked.

    YES, Marita!