Thursday, June 11, 2009

Due to overwhelming demand.... is the updated pic for everybody's dart boards just in time for this weekend's competition!

Click to enlarge.
I know how many of you will enjoy this, so have fun poppets!
Yes, yes this is one of my 2 new pairs of specs I collected today.
Mightn't be a big deal to you but after almost 12 years of the same wire frames that were scratched and starting to fall apart, Feral Beast has matured to the point where he was able to be reasoned with and agreed to not flip out when I brought the new specs home.
So far, so good!


  1. Nice specs. I need new ones...

  2. LOL at the commentary!

    I like the specs. Although, if they were squarer, they'd look scarily like mine. Which would be... weird. *grin*

    Hmmm... reminds me, I need to wander off to the optometrist soon.

  3. Hi Jayne - thanks for dropping by the Abode the other day. The specs look good, but it will take a while for me understand the dart competition!

  4. Thanks, River, lol.

    *waves to Kim*

    My other pair are squarer, nomes, so they could be the same lol.
    Thanks, Trish *grins*

    Oo, thank you, Scott, The Abode is uber fab!

  5. That's Miss Hathaway out of the Beverly Hill Billies, isn't it?

  6. The slightly demented one, Brian?

  7. Someone wrote in a newspaper recently about how common black frames have become and they should be rejected. Aside from you specs being bi....colour, you can never go wrong with black. So up hers or his.

  8. LOL
    Thank you, Andrew ;)
    My other pair are Plum and green coloured (purple and green should always be seen la la la la ) ;)

  9. Noice. They look good, so do you.

  10. Jayne, you are GORGEOUS !!!! And nothing how I imagined you.

    Yeah, my specs are purple (no surprise there)

    Purple and green indeed.....