Monday, June 22, 2009

Each time he heard mention of the Global Financial Crisis, Albert had to fight the urge to unhinge his lower jaw to devour the nearest bank manager.


Anja said...

Watching a lowlife snake being devoured in a snake like manner would be a sight to behold.

Brian Hughes said...

It was only as he entered the bank manager's office that Gerald started to doubt the viability of his patented Handy Chin Girdle Pocket Banana Carrier.

River said...

Perhaps if he HAD devoured a few bank managers, things might be a little different now.

Jayne said...

I could sell tickets, Anja, and make my fortune!

Cottaging in the bank manager's office, Brian?! lol

We could still let him loose, River...after we with-hold his roast dinners, of course ;)