Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elevenses of June

 I was trawling through the newspapers archive in my spare few minutes to see if I could find some upbeat, cheerful tale to make you all giggle.
Nope! A more bloody bunch of people I've yet to find!
A killer on the loose in Melbourne's Botanic Gardens ( 4 dead) until he did himself in, eccentric souls stripping bare and running amok at the Albert Park seaside, some others going berserk with razors, guns, lumps of 4 x 2, bricks, you name it they were damn bloodthirsty little beggars.
Don't give me guff about 'the gentler, quieter times of yesteryear', they were all trying to murder each other!
I'm surprised any of the human race survived to breed us lot up today lol.

Today is St Barnabas' Day, known affectionately as Barnaby, and is also Midsummer's Day.
These names ring a bell...anyone...?

1855 The charming White Oz policy was rearing its oh-so-ugly noggin when The Chinese Act was agreed upon to cap Chinese immigrants coming into the colony of Victoria.

1863 Sydney demonstrated electric light for the first time.
Show offs. lol

1900 British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand troops took part in the Battle of Diamond Hill in South Africa during the Boer War.
For more details click HERE.

1901 To say thanks for showing support to Great Britain during the Boer War the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York were on a tour of NZ when the Mayor of Auckland presented Cornwall Park to the people of Auckland as a gift.
To lean more about this lovely looking place click HERE.

1911 Sidney Myer opened a drapery business in Bourke Street, Melb.
You may have heard of it...?

So you get a snippet of gossip about the long-lost Box Hill-Doncaster electric tram instead.
 Click images to enlarge.
And a long-lost brickworks tramway...if it was ever built...?


  1. "These names ring a bell...anyone...?"

    Yes...isn't that the day that falls just before 'This series has gone on far too long and should be cancelled before John Nettles dies Eve'?

  2. Only three murders allowed but you can trot your horse past the village green.
    Waiting for more episodes *sigh*

  3. Nay, Brian!
    It's the "Give us the new series before we expire from non-stop repeats on UKTV" Eve :P

    Same here, Elizabeth, they are teasing us mercilessly with repeats and mentions of it.

    Mind you, we have the old Bergerac series on UKTV each midday and John Nettles was a specimen of rippling muscles (in shorts smaller than Phil Hardings *gasp*) 20-odd years ago !

  4. " cap Chinese immigrants coming into Victoria". Well then, that explains why Sth. Aus is now so full of Asians. Not that I'm against them or anything. Everybody has to live somewhere.

  5. They did actually land in Sth Oz, River, and many walked overland to Vic, so you could have a point there ;)