Monday, June 15, 2009

Fifteen Junes

Isn't it a beautiful morning?!
Actually, it's after midnight as I'm chucking this altogether so let's just pretend it's morning, ok? You know what they say "humour the nutter and all will be well"....or is that rabid monkeys?
Oh! Speaking of rabid monkeys *waves to the feral mother from Spotlight* Scrabbling through the bargain bin of children's costumes and collecting a large handful, I swear I heard her snarl and bark at one shopper who moved near the bin.
Scary mofo, baby!

1826 Crikey Moses, Joseph the carpenter, Mary the mother and Nev the concrete koala, things were crook in The Apple Isle according to the Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser.
The Administration was going through money like it was water and had borrowed another £1,000 for something or other...blah, blah, blah...tits in a tangle is all you need to know...knickers in a twist...the editor could be heard to seeeeeth through the very words of the article.

I am not tapping my feet in time to Footloose at this moment, despite what The Spouse claims.
It's a nervous twitch.

1865 A correspondent to the Perth Gazette and WA Times apparently already had his jocks in a knot, judging by the letter which was *gasp* agitating for self government!
Yesssss, I know!
Next thing they'll be demanding women in parliament....

The Spouse is currently channel surfing the utmost crap on telly while waiting for me to finish this epic.
Oh wait!!!
The Goodies are about to start on the Comedy Channel!!

1901 The South Australia Advertiser announced that 'boisterous weather' whipped the capital leaders into high excitement...oh wait, I see it was actually 'an exceedingly high tide' in the Port River that tickled the underside of the wharves and flooded the north side of St Vincent and nearby streets.
That doesn't explain the left behind chicken fillets under the kitchen sink or the condom water balloons in the bath tub....

1912 Not forgetting across the ditch The Evening Post announced that No.30 company Wellington Technical School had had a bout of 'Morris Tube shooting' practice.
Had not the foggiest what this was so I went on the hunt for you, dear reader, and discovered a Morris Tube was a small rifle barrel that could be inserted inside a larger rifle barrel (keep it clean) for shooting practice.
Anyway the lads hadn't played with a Morris tube before so their scores were a bit droopy.

1927 The Northern Territory Times announced the Thrilling News! that the Children's Fancy Dress Party was to take place on the 17th.
Oh super, we'll let the little devils come au naturale as themselves.
Should scare the old church ladies off for a bit


  1. Advice to Jayne - go to bed early...

    And then hubby won't notice you sneak out of bed in the wee hours for The Goodies - or to post to us.

  2. "A correspondent to the Perth Gazette and WA Times..."

    The Wyre Archaeology Times? I didn't realise we were internationally famous.

    Goodies, goody goody yum yum.

  3. Nothing wrong with a little tapping in time to Footloose :)

  4. LOL Jeanie, The Spouse wouldn't notice if a nuclear bomb went off but Feral Beast would recognise the Goodies theme tune 3 countries away.

    I didn't realise you were that old, Brian :P

    No, nothing wrong with it, Marita, nothing at all.
    I just get a nervous twitch everytime I think of Kevin Bacon...

  5. Kevin Bacon has a seriously odd head.

    Footloose has always bugged the hell out of me. Some little town in Bumfuck Idaho that has dancin' banned for years manages to produce a whole Senior Year of kids who can dance? What a crock.

    Although it does have one accurate depiction. The preacher's daughter bangs like a shithouse door in a hurricane. As they do.

  6. You can hate Footloose until your eyes change colour, but when that music starts you can't stop the foot tapping. It's dance music for sure.

  7. I worked in a nursing home that suffered from that complaint, Anja.
    Banging like a dunny door.
    Each night, every night...oh the tales I could tell about some of the staff....

    Exactly, River!
    I don't hate the movie, it's just dated and you only need to see it once but the another thing entirely.