Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frugal Food and tips - Many meals from 1 roast

Now you've lashed out and bought a leg of lamb/beef/pork roast.
When you're baking the vegies, cook extra.
This isn't in case the footy team from down the road calls in after the match but so as you have vegies already cooked to accompany the left over meat for the following day.
The remaining meat can be cut and-
  • casseroled,
  • made into sandwiches,
  • made into stew,

  • minced in your own mincer and then you can make
  • sausage rolls,
  • pies,
  • pasties,
  • rissoles,
  • savoury mince,
  • stir fry,
  • spag bol,
  • meat loaf,
  • dim sims,
  • stuffed capsicums/mushrooms/spuds,
  • whatever you wish.

Keep the bones from lamb or beef and boil them up for stock for soups, stews, casseroles, etc.
This will freeze perfectly well.

The vegies only need re-heating and there's your meal finished with most of the preparation performed the previous day.


  1. I usually chop up roast meat and use it in a pasta bake.

    or if I want to make 2 minute noodles a little more substantial I will add left over roast meat.

  2. See? A bajillion ways to use it up, Marita ;)

  3. Hi! I'd follow your advise but our freezer is full of frozen dog food! Our dog eats better than us!

    Take Care,

  4. Left overs? Nope...the concept doesn't register.

  5. I don't like roast red meat reheated, so I slice off a bit extra when I'm serving the dinner, then the rest goes into the next dinner somehow and I have the cold slices. Chicken is different, chopped cooked chicken goes into my soups and rice dishes.
    A tip when roasting chickens. If you want to keep it for a day or two after cooking, remove the stuffing. The cooked chook keeps much better. Also, as with any meat, change the plate/dish and the gladwrap/other covering every day. This minimises bacteria buildup. I find it very hard these days to buy a chook for roasting that isn't already stuffed. Most unfair I think, as this means that many people won't learn to make their own delicious and varied stuffings, plus the premade stuffing is just so much stodgy grey goop as far as I'm concerned.

  6. LOL I know that feeling, Peter!

    You were brought up to clean your plate, weren't you, Brian? lol

    Oh, yes, River, home made stuffing is heaps nicer.
    I should post a recipe up tomorrow for it.
    For a long while Dad was getting unstuffed chooks at Coles.

  7. we pull the left over meat off the bone, dice it and chuck it in batter for lamb fritters too.