Monday, June 1, 2009

Frugal Foods and menu June 1st Lamb Casserole and Mini Damper Rolls

River posted a comment which underlined what I've been trying to say in these Frugal Food posts - good food doesn't have to cost the earth and it is possible to construct a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal for well under what River quoted from a newspaper.

Lamb Casserole and Mini Damper Rolls.

Lamb Casserole -
1 packet of lamb offcuts from a large Red Spot Special Chain                     $2.32
1 packet of fresh soup mix vegetables from Fresh Food people                    $1.75
1/2 small tray of mushrooms at local wholesale greengrocers                          .80
1/4 of a packet of large (long) noodles                                                               .40
1 garlic stockcube (pkt of 18 on special for 25cents can't be buggered working it out)
2 tomatoes softening up in my crisper                                                                 .20
1 cup of dried beans                                                                                              .50
a handful of dried seaweed                                                                                   .60
Several Pokemon figurines and the odd dinosaur that have been getting under my feet of late
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce, lemon pepper seasoning, 500ml tap water   $1.00
Chop finely, brew on a mild simmer for several hours stirring often and there you have it.
$7.57 to feed a family of 4 for at least 2 meals (with possible seconds) which works out to be 95 cents per person per meal.

Mini Damper Rolls-
(Guesstimate costs only)
1 1/3 cups plain flour                                                                                                       .50
Tiny pinch of Bi Card of Soda                                                                                          .01
1 teaspoon baking powder                                                                                                .05
enough butter rubbed through dry ingredients till it resembles bread crumbs,              .30
then 2/3 cup water added.                                                                                                 .05
Mixed with the flat blade of a butter knife, till thoroughly mixed, then evenly divide mixture between 4 greased ramekins/overproof bowls.
These can be cooked in a camp oven on top of the stove (saving you more in energy costs) or in the oven itself.
91 cents (ballpark figure) for 4 mini damper rolls to accompany the main meal, which is (Lordy you've made my brain hurt one this one) 22.75 cents per person.
Not including the butter/margarine used on the rolls themselves.
So shoot me.


  1. Great work with the meal maths :D

    I'm doing up a big pasta bake for dinner tonight which should last the 4 of us 2-3 meals. Total cost was about $10.

  2. Your garlic stock cube is 0.013cents.

  3. I've decided to eat my cat. (It's plump enough now.) That should work out one of the cheapest meals I've made yet.

  4. Ooh, I really want to try making damper again. Haven't tried it since I was a kid when we used to cook it on the campfire.

    And yes, it's entirely possible to eat well on a tight budget. We've just forgotten how.

  5. Raced in tonight, mixed a batch of cheese and wholemeal scones and settled down to watch the news with scones and cuppa. Then I remembered the cuppa was suppposed to be soup but it's still sitting in the tin and will do for tomorrow night.
    Heinz Tomato is the only soup I like but what's left over is always the basis for pasta sauce so a tin goes a long way.

  6. Love those pasta bakes, Marita, you can hide a multitude of vegies in them for picky eaters lol.

    Thank you, River, my brain was in delete mode by then lol.

    Hmmmm, feline...the other white meat....

    Exactly, Jayne FL, and give the damper a go it's so yummy to dunk in hot soup or gravy, etc ;)

    I love the old Heinz Tomato soup, too, JahTeh, it's versatile for so many meals! :)

  7. Yum yum pigs bum.

    These sound tasty and YES, shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. (though that would be one way to lose weight I guess)

  8. i spent $14 on a kilo of FRESH* hamburger mince PLUS a little over a kilo of chicken brest...
    thats a fortnights worth of food for Mister and I!

    *fresh from the butchers!

    and having shopped at Aldi and the reject store (for personal care items) and the green grocer aand the bakery, i spent (approx)$70 on pasta, pasta sauces*, pasta bakes*, canned tuna, cat food, long life milk, sugar, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, onions, capsicums, fresh baked bread, fresh baked rolls, bread crums, washing liquid, razor, and a butt load more...

    so $84 for a fortnights worth of eating like kings... (the sizes we have could fill 3 people... prob is, my mister is a labourer... so he needs that amount of fuel)

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  10. might i also add that it wouldn't all fit into my shopping trolly, and my shopping trolly actually broke under the strain of aall that food! LOL!