Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frugal Foods tips and recipe June 2

Jahteh mentioned how the good old tin of tomato soup can be the basis for many a meal when you're in a hurry or the pantry is looking a tad bare.
Sometimes the alternative is you might find a bag of toms going out cheap at the green grocers as they're soft and only good for cooking - so cook 'em up!
Chop 'em all up (I don't fuss with the skin and seed removal like the TV chefs do), chuck 'em all in a large pot, bung in garlic (to suit your own taste), finely sliced celery, grated carrot, finely diced onions, handful of herbs and whatever else tastes your fancy.
Simmer gently for a couple of hours then whack a lid on and leave it to cook in the remaining heat.
Let it cool completely then put it in freezer-proof containers - always leaving enough room for the cooling liquid to expand without busting the lid off.
Whether you use homemade soup or tinned it really doesn't matter but be aware of the possible added preservatives/colourings/additives in the tinned variety.

Tomato soup can be used to make -
  • Almost any pasta dish.
  • Almost any casserole dish.
  • Almost any pie dish.
  • Added to meat it can marinate and soften even the cheapest cuts, to be later used in any soups/stews, etc.
  • Mixed with milk to poach fresh fish fillets.
  • No tomatoes and craving an omelette? Drop some tomato soup into the mix for flavouring.
  • Lamb shanks but no tomatoes? Bung in some 'mato soup.
  • Boil up some rice, some (frozen mixed optional) vegies and toss in tomato soup. With toast soldiers for company.
  • Grab last night's left over roast chook, strip whatever remaining meat from its bones, toss in a pot with tomato soup, some left over roast vegies, a little pasta and there's another meal.
  • Satuee onions, toss in tomato soup, heat in a pan then add rissoles to cook in the soup-sauce.
  • Thicken with spuds, throw in milk instead of water (if using condensed tinned soup) and whatever else you can toss in.
Moral of the story - always have a tin of soup in the pantry (or homemade in the freezer) and you're set for any thing.
The possibilities are endless only limited by your imagination!


  1. Great suggestions. I'm going to make my own as per your recipe because the tinned stuff gives my girls bad rash on their cheeks.

    Thank you.

    My other pantry staples are
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    Cream of Chicken/Mushroom

    I do try to find the low salt versions.

  2. Your tomato, garlic, onion cook up is the base for my savoury cabbage. Heat half a cup of the tomato sauce, toss in a cup of finely shredded cabbage,stir it through, put on a tight fitting lid and turn off the heat. Leave it sit for a few minutes while you mash the potatoes, that's usually long enough to soften the cabbage without overcooking it. Serve with sausages.

  3. I adore - adore - home made tomato soup. Yum!

  4. "...you might find a bag of toms going out cheap at the green grocers..."

    Especially if a couple of blackbirds have hatched their latest brood inside the bag.

  5. The recipe can be pretty flexible, Marita ;)

    Yum, River, that's nice and easy :)

    It's the best in Winter, Rhubarb, with toast soldiers and a poached egg with a runny yolk ;)

    I can see you and tomorrow's saint, St Kevin, would have a lot to talk about, Brian :P

  6. I had a fantastic tomato soup recipe that I adored - up until one migraine day I got to taste the second coming. I have never made it since.

    My mother always had a can of condensed in her cupboard - after all, Campbells taught her to cook!!

  7. LOL Jeanie,oh that 'second coming' has put many a woman off her tucker!

  8. All that work for one, Jayne, I'm exhausted using the can opener.

    A hard day at mother's so my meal tonight was nicely balanced, a vegemite sandwich and a packet of jelly beans with loads of artificial colours and sugar. Beats drinking, I can't stand the hangover.