Thursday, June 4, 2009

Frugal Foods tips and recipe June 4

Start changing your way of thinking if you've always expected meat to be the main part of the meal.
Meat's damned expensive these days but you don't have to go without completely; just cut down in the amount you eat each day.
Chicken fillets can easily be cut in half to serve 2 people, sometimes even three depending on size.
Some steaks can be divided in half or 3 again, saving on waste and waists.

If you're watching your weight or cholesterol start eating your meals on a smaller plate - the smaller serving will appear to be a normal size on the smaller plate. (if you wander around an op/antique shop you'll notice that some of the dinner service plates from 30+ years ago were smaller than today's dinner plates).
Likewise, if you're trying to encourage a child or elderly person to eat more, serve their meal on a larger plate, it will appear to be a normal sized serving when you can, in fact, sneak extra onto the plate; then when/if they leave any you know they've eaten the majority of a good-sized meal.

Grilled Chook on Salad and Rice Noodles.
  • Take a chicken fillet and slice it however you wish.
  • Smear some mustard over it, set aside (but not where the cat can get it).
  • Rip into some lettuce leaves and toss them into a bowl (that has a tight-fitting lid).
  • Chop some red and brown onions roughly, throw them and some chopped tomatoes into the bowl and mix everything.
  • In another bowl mix some balsamic vinegar with herbs and spices of choice, then drizzle over the salad, fit the lid and shake the whole lot like buggery.
  • On a HOT skillet grill the chook pieces; chicken cooks quickly so careful you don't let it become like a bit of rubber.
  • Grab your rice noodles - they aren't going to take long to cook so get the water boiling in a saucpan and toss the lot in, give it a stir, make sure they're done, then drain.
  • Arrange the noodles on the plates, then the salad then top off with the chicken.
For another easy and yummy Fried Rice recipe check out Andrew's recipe HERE.


  1. "just cut down in the amount you eat each day."

    And add a couple of Yorkshire puddings to the meal as a substitute. Mmm...Yorkshire pud....

  2. I've been cutting down for months now. Hasn't had any noticeable effect. Dang it all!

  3. Hmmmm Yorkshire Pudd....hey! That's not fair!

    Get a gun and go out to shoot your own meat, River, it'll save you a fortune.
    And if my ex happens to wander past your gun sights..... ;)

  4. We have very little meat in our diet. 500g of mince can make a meal that lasts this family of 4 for a couple of meals at least.