Friday, June 5, 2009

Frugal Foods tips and recipe June 5

You want to cook something healthy but time's short, the kids are demanding pizza and you're just plain tired.
So, give 'em pizza ....the healthy way.
In fact the kids can help make these pizzas, too.
Grab some pita bread, whack on the sauce of your choice (remember there's no rules with home made pizza), sprinkle on some chopped up beans, capsicum, spring onions, pineapple bits, some of that cold roast chook from the night before, some cheese, the carrot sticks the kids left in their lunch box can be grated on top, some beetroot, chopped up champignons, corn, asparagus, and the great Aussie favourite - cook an egg in the centre.
Instead of firing up the oven use a frying pan on the stove top with the tiniest drop of oil - this is also great for summer when you don't want to heat up the kitchen - this saves on energy, too.
Use the lid or another, larger frying pan to seal the heat in to cook the pizza.
Inside 8 mins you'll have a healthy bit of tucker the kids will consider as 'take away' and gobble it all down.


  1. Chicken and carrot should not be allowed anywhere near a pizza in my opinion. Beetroot and asparagus don't even make it into my shopping bag, let alone into my house. But the frypan pita pizza is a great idea. One which I will try next summer.
    I made the ginger-pears-sago pudding for tonights dessert. It's nice. I'm having it with custard.

  2. Great tip about using a frying pan...hadn't thoguht of that!
    Would be quicker too I'd imagine.


  3. Sadly our fridge does not have an endless supply of left over chook. Don't touch the left over chook, that is for my lunch.

  4. Yep, frying pan pita pizza cooks faster than toast sometimes, River :)
    Glad you're enjoying the ginger pears and sago :)

    Much quicker, G, especially for hungry boys ;)

    LOL Andrew, you mustn't leave as much chook as we do ;)

  5. we whack ours under the grill for ease of small people being able to handle themselves.

    Lebanese bread works well too as do making mini ones on whole grain muffins cut in half and toasted for snacks

  6. Hubby made pizza with the girls yesterday. He used tortillas and grated a little zucchini on the top of them along with cheese. Was delicious.