Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frugal Foods tips and recipes June 10

So often we have left over foods yet some people throw it out without considering making another meal from it for the following night!
Have we become such a wealthy society of glut that we can just throw food out like that?
No, it's all an illusion and food should never be considered rubbish simply because it is left over.
The most common left overs are mashed spud, a mixture of steamed/boiled vegies, roast meat, baked vegies, etc.
Scoop 'em out of the pot, pop 'em on a plate/in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap (or dig out those Tupperware containers you've barely used) and refrigerate.
Plan a meal around the left overs - this can save you time in cooking more vegies, energy in cooking them and cuts down on your food budget.
Seriously some people have no idea how to use left over food with some even having been brought up to consider it rubbish the moment it gets cold!

There are a whole slew of varients of the following recipes around, these are just a couple to get people started, to give them an idea of what they can build around left over food.

Tuna Bake.
  • Left over pasta shapes (boil up approx. 1 cup if none left over) mixed into a baking dish of left over vegies.
  • 1 small tin of tuna stirred through followed by 1 egg in 1 cup of milk.
  • Stir everything thoroughly, then top with grated cheese and crumbled broken dry bikkies (broken bits from the bottom of the packets that you've saved) or breadcrumbs or seasoned stuffing mix.
  • Whack in oven for 30-45 mins then serve in slices.

  • Slice left over baked vegies, and combine in saucepan/casserole dish with left over steamed vegies.
  • Throw in left over gravy and any other left over sauces (ie white sauce).
  • Cut up left over roast meat from carcass, add to the mix.
  • Stir, add a little water if needed and further hebs/spices of choice.
  • Gently heat slowly on stove top (if in saucepan) or in oven (if in casserole dish) for approx. 1 hour.
  • Remove and let sit with lid off for 15 mins before serving.

Shepherds Pie
  • Grab left over meat (be it roast, bbq meats, etc) and mince or chop finely.
  • Mix with any left over vegies and some tomato sauce.
  • Bung in a pie dish and spread left over mashed spud on top, with a little grated cheese (optional).
  • Bake in moderate oven for 30-45 mins.

  • Grab left over vegies and mix in a bowl with several eggs (depending on amount left over).
  • Add some cheese and/or some sliced tomato left over from a previous salad.
  • A few tablespoons of milk, any herbs/spices of choice and cook in an omelette pan or garden variety frying pan.

  • Chop up left over meats, bung into a saucepan.
  • Throw in left over gravy/sauces, gently heat.
  • In another saucepan gently heat left over vegies with a little milk for flavouring.
  • When the meat is ready, gently re-heat mashed spud in a pot with a little milk.
  • Serve meat and vegies over the top of the mashed spud.

  • In a pot throw left over BBQ-ed onions with a little water and heat.
  • Grab left over steaks/chops and cube.
  • Roll in seasoned stuffing mix, then add to the onions.
  • Grab the left over shasliks and remove the capsicums/mushrooms/cherry tomatoes, etc, and add to the pot.
  • When thoroughly heated through serve up with re-heated BBQ-ed baked spuds.
*Please do not re-heat left overs more than once and do not use left overs more than 24 hours old, do not re-heat fish at all*


  1. We have left overs for dinner tonight :)

    Friends came over on Monday for lunch and the brought 2 BBQ chooks.

    We ate one and the other got turned into pasta bake of which one was eaten last night and the other put in the freezer for tonight.

    Nice and handy it is.

    Also left over veggies can make nice savory scones and muffins.

  2. Left over veggies, chop and mix with two or three eggs, (depending on amount of veg), add a little grated cheese, bake in flattish ovenproof dish=frittata.

    Leftover veggies, mash all together, mix in an egg or two, bind together with cornflake crumbs, (crush those left in the box that your kids won't touch because they want coco pops), make a fairly stiff mixture, shape into patties, fry until golden brown, serve with tomato sauce. Kids love these. Just don't tell them it's last night's leftovers. (I may have put this up before).

  3. Excellent, Marita! It's amazing how far a roast chook can stretch lol ;)

    Oh, yes, frittatas are easy and yummy, River.
    Those patties can be tucked into lunch boxes, too, and eaten cold :)
    Extra recipes and suggestions always welcome, River ;)

  4. Leftovers are great but unfortunately there never seems to be any chocolate leftovers.