Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on June 2

Tis Tuesday and Tuesdays child is full of grace.
Well, obviously elephant feet moi was not pupped on a Mardi...Martes...Martedi...Dienstag...вто́рник....the day after Monday.

And can I just say the help I got from the staff at Spec Savers in Bentleigh yesterday was exceptional?
Yes, I've fully paid for my new spectacles so I'm not getting any kick backs for my opinion (which I'm allowed to voice ner ner ner) but those assistants and optician went out of their way for me, to ensure I got the best to improve my limited vision.
And for that my eyeballs thank them.

Check out the Europa cake shop in Bentleigh - nope, didn't spend a cent in there - it's a rare gem amongst developers in that it is the only shop in a Victorian/ Edwardian-era row of 10 with the original unpainted brickwork, window frames and beautiful leadlight shop front.
Plus their cakes look decidedly delish!

597 Saxon King of England, King Ethelbert, who so influenced the English language that we've not seen such a mangling of wordes and letterys since ye olden dayes, was baptised by St Augustine of Canterbury and thus influenced the spread of Christianity throughout England.

1070 The Normans made to sack Peterborough Abbey...only to find Hereward the Wake had beaten them to it.
Read more about this infamous outlaw HERE.

1791 A rose by any other name would be Billie Piper Rose Hill now known as Parramatta since the deed poll change of its name on this day.

1917 The NZ steamship Wairuna was captured by the German raider ship SMS Wolf on this day and later sunk.
Click for larger image
For full details of this photo click HERE.


  1. "Tuesdays child is full of grace."

    I think you've misheard that rhyme, Jayne. It actually goes:

    Monday's child is full of green shit,
    Tuesday's child is an arrogant git,
    Wednesday's child pulls the wings off flies,
    Thursday's child makes dog turd pies,
    Friday's child plays wag from school,
    Saturday's child just screams as a rule,
    But Sunday's child is the worse of them all,
    Disturbing my naps with his damned bouncy ball,
    And if it ever re-lands on my back garden awning,
    I stick a knife through its air valve, so let that be a warning!

  2. LMAO
    I heartily approve, it should be recited above the bassinet/cradle of all newborns, Brian ;)

  3. Where did you find Brian, Jayne?

    I think every home should have one.

    Glad the specs are helping and the staff were noice.

  4. Oh crap, Brian has made coffee spurt out of just about every orifice of my body. *sniggers*

  5. Specsavers are supposed to be very cheap. Your opinion?

  6. He's a little treasure, isn't he, WS? LOL
    If he could be sold on the open market I'm sure Michelle would have done that years ago lol !

    LOL Anja!

    Yep, Andrew, cheap but not nasty. Great funky eyewear (one week wait for mine), the staff's attitude and attention to detail won me over.
    Dunno what other branches are like but Bentleigh wins kudos for their hard work, manners, help and "can be bothered" behaviour.

  7. ahhh... so you finally got your ass into gear and got them eh?!?


    must see them.. NOW! put pics up!

  8. I'm a big fan of the optometrist / glasses shop on high st, Preston. They are on the same block as the Preston Market but don't ask me their name or anything technical. :D

    New specs. They make life so much easier, especially when they don't burn a hole in your wallet.

  9. Billie Piper, I'm still convinced that the Billie Piper episodes of Dr Who were the best ones.

  10. Spec Savers eh? must check and see if Adelaide has one of those close enough for me to get to. I need new glasses and prefer to layby the frames first, then get the lenses done, that way the cost doesn't hit me all at once.

  11. Yes, dear, your mother finally pulled her finger out and got off her arse to get the new specs.
    Pics? You'll have to do them, FB has an exam on the go!

    She wasn't bad, River, but I really enjoyed the Catherine Tate eps, too, no romance to make things mucky just straight talking and adventure.

    Yep, there's a few in SA.
    They have specs for $59 or 2 for $179 or other types at 2 for $199, River.