Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June is sixteen going on seventeen...

Remember I shared the fact that I have the wireless prattling on through the wee hours?
I woke at 2.30 yesterday morning to hear Trevor Chappell (no, not the underarm bowler) announce the Womble-a-thon.
Yes, a Womble-a-thon.
A competition where they got callers to sing the Womble theme tune and win something insignificant in comparison to the name they've made for themselves for signing about some bizarre creatures on national radio.
A Womble-a-thon.
A bloke won, a ring-in I suspect, who just happened to live in Wimbledon as a child at the height of Womble-mania, and who knew all the verses !
A Womble-a-thon.
Giggling my way through that I dozed off while people were ringing in to explain why they missed a particular politician (thankfully one sms'ed in to say "I might miss 'em but my aim is getting better". Another asked "Yes, I am missing Harold Holt, do you know where he is?").
Then I woke up to hear Sabrina the girlie gardening guru around 3am-ish, snorting and giggling and wondering if it was too early to go sprinkle fertiliser around the lemon tree like she suggested for one caller I considered starting the day before sparrow fart but was just too cold.
So I planted my icy size 10's square on The Spouse's toasty warm back.
Did you know grown men can levitate given the right inducment?

1826 Fred Fisher, who became famous for being a ghost and claiming his murderer, was given the heave-ho into the next world.
Read about Fisher's Ghost HERE.

1832 The Hobart Town Crier had correspondence from 'A True Friend'.
Let's see :
"When I last addressed the PUBLIC I entertained a hope I should not again be forced to trespass on their attention....blah blah blah...."
Ok, folks, move along, nothing to see here, total fruit loop writing to the editor again.

1843 The Wairau Incident occured, the first serious clash between British and Maori after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Read more HERE.


*squeeee* They have TWO pairs of handcuffs!
Think of the possibilities?!
That John Fox fellow shouldn't be too hard to, go hunt these ne'er do wells to earn your housekeeping money.
But remember -Constable Morris is under a dark career cloud at the moment, best apply elsewhere for the moolah.

1867 Sad but eloquent writer and poet Henry Lawson was pupped near Grenfell NSW.

1903 Hawera & Normanby Star trumpeted that they'd received a Letter ! from the NZ Brass Band in the Old Dart who had battled typhoid fever on the voyage but had held merry and successful practices during the remainder of the boat trip.
Speaking of which - Virgin are really plugging Pop Over To Britain flights at $1,445.
Verrrrrrrrry tempting.
But only do-able if I cancel the contract to sell my left arm and both legs for Feral Beast's braces, which have just been mortared onto his toothy-pegs this arvo.
Decisions, decisions....


  1. Underground, in the night,
    All round the park,
    Cottagers wombling,
    Into the dark,
    Some of them pop stars,
    Some tory m.p.s,
    All of them dogging and
    Wombling Free.

  2. ROFL I can picture exactly what those words are describing....with perhaps Great Uncle Bulgaria peering myopically at the antics from under a bush.... ;)

  3. The moment you mentioned Wombles, I started humming the tune all the way through your post.

    Hope the mortaring of braces to teeth goes well.

    Selling your left arm? How will you blog? At least without legs, you have the Spouse to run around after you.

  4. I listen to the radio in the middle of the night too- one seems to hear very odd things, and even stranger people, although sometimes by light of day I wonder if I dreamt them.

    My latest purchase is a little speaker that you put under your pillow. Wonderful- no more waking up choking with the earplug cord wound around my throat.

  5. Icy size 10's?? What? You don't wear bedsocks to bed? Lovely fluffy pink and purple bedsocks? I hope your spouse is not plotting revenge.

    I know nothing of Wombles. Never watched it, neither did my kids. We all thought it was silly. Not as silly as teletubbies, but definitely unwatchable.

  6. I miss the Wombles.

    Ralph is trying to insist they suck - just like Transformers. I don't like him so much right now.

  7. I shall peck with my nose, WS :P

    We bought speakers for Feral Beast, ResidentJudge, he's in the same nocturnal habit lol.

    No, River, my ankles swell up like balloons and get even colder when the circulation is cut off lol.
    Eek, teletubbies!

    We can send an invasion of Wombles to torment Ralph you know, Marita ;)