Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nine Junes a'singing

I'm feeling slightly ill now having just discovered it's both Cuddle Up Day and Profess Your Love Day.
*Picture a cat's bum face with the distinct waft of sour lemon in the air at the thought of acting human*
To quote Jeff Fenech - I love youse all.
Now let's never mention this again....

Park not your pigeon posterior here.

1868 Titokowaru found himself at war when he refused to return an escaped prisoner to the Govt in relation to the Govt's confiscation of Taraknaki land.
To find out more about this episode in NZ history click HERE.

The Eliza Doolittle of chimneys.

Ohhhh when someone doesn't toe the party line...exile them!
*hang on, gotta say that last bit in a big booming God-like voice*
Oh, sorry, I'm waffling about the rebel priest, Father Kennedy - yeah, he's giving mass to gay people and letting chicks participate in the service, how shocking! - who's been sent to the naughty chair with his flock by the Catholic Church.
Praise the Lord!!!
The decent ones following Father Kennedy don't have to be tainted with the stink of the Archbishop and his crappy cronies, who allow a convicted pedophile priest to say mass.

1917 "The Sign of The Kiwi was officially opened".
Do you know what an ambiguous sentence that is with no follow up explanation?!
Something to do with James Bond? A long lost star sign? A cue for starting the revolution?
A new genetically altered animal running amok a la Black Sheep???
(Killer Kiwis does have a certain ring to it....)
Had to track down this Sign of The Kiwi (yes, David Attenborough usually looks for scat, I was hunting for The Sign of The Kiwi, possibly a rampaging bird) searched high and low, found a hint some architect designed it (yay, that means it was something tangible and not a dream induced by a bad pavlova) until I finally cornered THIS PAGE about The Sign of The Kiwi.

Briefly lusted after these footwear until I realised my big toe was as likely to fit in them as my chooks offering to cook my brekkie.
Red Cross Op shop in Carnegie if anyone's interested....

The Mighty Poo Pies whooped Buln Buln back on May 30th at Buln Buln's home ground, final scores were
9.11.65 defeated by the very convincing 17.13.115
This weekend was a bye with the Mighty Poo Pies, currently 8th on the ladder, lining up against 4th positioned team, Warragul Industries next week.

1937 The magnificent Citizens' War Memorial in Cathedral Square was officially unveiled.
To get a glimpse of this commemorative piece of art click HERE.

Victoria has been blamed for not listening when mummsie said "coughs and sneezes spread diseases" and apparently sent the little piggies who went to market all over the countryside singing wee wee weeeee *achoo*.
*sob* Everyone else has got the piggy cold, Mumma, why can't I get it, tooooooooo?

1953 Exciting stuff peoples!
The Coronation edition of the old favoured doorstop The Women's Weekly flogged off 1 million copies as everyone wanted to gush over Liz.
Just like Phil.
Oh I'm so gonna get into trouble for that...


  1. "...everyone wanted to gush over Liz.
    Just like Phil."

    Nah...Filleep prefers it Greek style, I've heard.

  2. Do I have to profess my love to everyone? Or can I be discriminating about who I love?


  3. Cuddle up day and profess your love day? Not in this house babe.
    Coughs and sneezes spread diseases should be on posters all over the country, especially on the doors or supermarkets. The number of customers who cough, sneeze and splutter their way around Coles makes me cringe. I'm tough, and don't get sick, but today I came home with a headache.........

  4. Ooooooooooooooooo Brian!
    You went where I wasn't quite brave enough to dare, well done!

    Discriminate, Marita, go for quality over quantity ;)

    You should be armed with a spray bottle of bleach, River, and spray each person who walks past you ;)
    (aim for the eyes!).