Thursday, June 4, 2009

One 4 you and 4 June

Ohhh, I've been lusting after a few things of late so excuse my bib as I lick my lips now and then.
The Victorian Government Gazette is online and available for all to trawl through with much glee.
This Barefoot Solar 12 would look just right on my desk here amongst the clutter.

Feral Beast has loved the podcasts with requests for more, more and more, please!
Have tracked down uni lecture podcasts so that might keep him happy for a couple of hours.

Found a fab website about Ghost Railways of NZ and a Oz book Ghost Railways of Australia.

1789 Poor old Arthur Phillip finally had a proper roof over his head when his first Government House was finished.
To read more about it - yes, amazingly it has been excavated! Someone gave a damn about it! *Shock* - the description, location, etc click HERE.

 1894 Aged 67 Vincent Pyke, politician, author and public servant died in Lawrence in Otago.
For a great detailed biography of this chap who called Castlemaine, Victoria home for a while, click HERE.

1943 The Cromwell to Dunedin Express derailed when travelling too fast around a bend near Hyde in Central Otago.
Of the 113 people on board, 21 were killed and 47 were injured.
For further deatils of the cause, findings and outcome of the inquiry click HERE and HERE.
1973 Gay Liberal activist Jeremy Fisher was chucked out of Dunmore Lang College at Macquarie University which resulted in the BLF banned any construction at the Uni at that time.

1989 Tiananmen Square protests ended in the massacre of civilians by Chinese Army including the use of tanks.


  1. "Poor old Arthur Phillip finally had a proper roof over his head when his first Government House was finished."

    Awl oi want is a room somewhere,
    Great big 'ouse near the old Mayfair,
    Three jags, two yachts, one french au pair,
    Just loike the ol' back benches.

    Awl oi want is a tax free roide,
    A private manse in the countree soide,
    One moat, four slaves, one gravy slide,
    An' claim it orn expenses.

    You've out done yourself now, Brian.
    What do you do for an encore....the Sound of Music for the honourary knighthoods?
    The Wizard of Oz with the Wall St fiasco?

  3. Loving Brian's comedy routines.

  4. Had no idea Brian was a songwriter...

    I love that solar desk lamp.

  5. He's getting to be worth his weight in font type!