Friday, June 5, 2009

Pleading the 5th, June ?

90 years after it was first released in Oz cinemas the famous and greatest silent movie The Sentimental Bloke has been restored and released on DVD.
And having watched it amidst many giggles and chuckles it deserves the title no less in 2009.
Based on the novel by C.J Dennis the movie stars Arthur Tauchert and Lottie Lyell, the Katherine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy-style partner to writer/director Raymond Longford.

Lottie Lyell and Arthur Tauchert as Doreen and The Kid, in The Sentimental Bloke.
The fantabulous people at Readings ordered my copy in (which was fully paid for by moi).

Which brings me to my next contemplation - when is the likes of Gillian Armstrong going to immortalise the story of Lottie and Raymond in film?
Lottie was the world's first female film director/producer/actor and many of their collaborations were highly successful, Raymond having lost the Midas touch after Lottie's early death.
Romance, world leading, feminism, triumphant film makers and death ...all the ingredients for a bumper box office flick.

1788 Well, the new colony at Port Jackson was up the proverbial creek without a paddle when all the cattle did a bunk.

1811 While George Johnston was sent packing from the army after being found guilty of the mutiny of the Rum Rebellion he was still able to return to NSW while Macarthur was ordered to stay put in the Old Dart.
Ner, ner, ner, ner.

1866 Accused of spying for the enemy Te Kooti was deported to the Chatham Islands.
To learn more about Te Kooti click HERE.

1989 Tank Man, that lone civilian who stood his ground in front of the tanks of the Chinese Army barely hours after the Army had attacked their own people in Tiananmen Square by shooting and running over them in tanks, took his stand on this day 20 years ago and the photo of his bravery was beamed everywhere.
Is he still alive?
Who knows but the image of him defiantly halting a line of tanks still resonates around the world.


  1. "Is he still alive?"

    Unfortunately no...a reporter asked the same question and decided to track him down. It turns out the Chinese authorities had him executed. So much for that.

  2. Sad to hear that the man was executed.
    I still remember a Chinese official on the news telling the Western World that there were "no casualties" :( Sounds like he may have been (technically) right- there were no casualties ... just people who were executed.

    On a different note - Happy World Environment Day.

  3. Raymond Longford makes for an interesting subject on his own, connected to the demolished Longford Cinema in South Yarra.

    No one ever says what happened to Tank Man. So brave. I often think of him and I fear the worst.

  4. Ah, I think Brian answered my question.

  5. Can't have an inspiring bloke running amok in the military-formation of the 'happy' People's Republic, eh, Brian?

    Exactly, Amanda.
    Happy W.E Day, too :)

    Ahhh, yes, Andrew, that rings a bell now.
    Yep, Brian sadly had the answer.