Friday, June 12, 2009


Heya folks,
I'm sitting at work, on the computer hoping that someone on the floor has a newspaper... but so far, not so good...
I've tried jumping onto Google and looking for websites, but due to my restricted internet access, alas, I cannot access anything...

I've found an MX, but its from the other day and I've already done the puzzles in that.
its too early in the morning for me to work without being mentally awake.

The guy that sits just near me who likes to stick his nose into everyones business, and assumes that if he brings donuts into work for everyone, that we all automatically become besties with him and he's given permission to stare at our breasts, is as usual making my day, his business... i just stood up to go ask one of the boss's if there was a news paper lying around, and he's jumping in before i've actually locked my knees and was technically standing, and asked what i was doing and if he could help me with anything.
please note, i'm a more senior rep than he... bloody fool.

so today's not starting off as possitive as i'd like... no mental stimulation, and Idiot bragade on full alert...
so here i am trying to create my own distraction/mental stimulation... not rly wrkin akchooly...


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  2. so i ended up at the newsagents... got a brain trainer booklet thing.

    looks like fun ackshooly!

  3. Excellent, brain training for the offspring's brain :P

  4. LOL!
    i sit and do the cross words and stuff at your place all the time!

    i dont even watch telly unless its educational... ie. spicks and specks, timeteam, who wants to be a millionair (by offing eddy), etc.

  5. at least i'm not like some people we know who just sit and mentally switch off for hours at a time wasting their short existance away with soapies and the like... :P

  6. That kitten looks like an abandoned hand puppet.

  7. ...but a very cute abandoned hand puppet...

  8. Awww, poor brain... *grin*

    I'm glad you found something to wake yourself up with.

    Perhaps, next time the douchebag asks if you need his help with something, you should ask him to help you adjust your bra straps. He might just have a heart attack ;-)

    Snickering at the 'educational' TV options... :-D

  9. I was going to suggest getting newspaper and puzzle books from the newsagent, but you did that already. Make sure you keep a puzzle book at work at all times.

    Soapies suck. I like Time Team, but that Who wants To Be A Millionaire is the worst show on earth. They are actually TOLD to waste time by asking the audience and calling a friend, when things could move along much faster if they were allowed to answer straight away. And some of the contestants are dumb. Remember the one who thought an elephant was bigger than the moon?