Sunday, June 7, 2009

Regurgitations from my brain #358

I want a new back.
Or new toes at least, seeing as Brian opted to donate them to the sausage mix.
Hmmmm, chunky toe jam....
*you may chunder over yonder------>>*
Have waltzed around the Sunday Market and, yet again, no lost Monets or Ormolu clocks or enamelled Russian Faberge eggs or snuff boxes were for the taking.
Odd that.
Wet weather scared the usual suspect stall holders away...although there was one shifty looking chap flogging off an original and ornate cast iron hearth for a measly $40. Very little damage, small amount of rust....hmmmm....
Having just measured the fireplace by guesstimate and eye ball I've sent The Spouse back up to see if it's still there.
If it isn't...oh, well, he needed the exercise I suppose.
Feral Beast is in the middle of a 2 week 2,000 word exam for uni studies.
Yes, I am running away to Spotlight aka Our Second Home as soon as The Spouse returns (with or without the hearth) to immerse myself in inoffensive things like 8 ply yarn, embroidery cotton, crochet hooks, scrap remnants, etc, before launching into rights, history, stolen generations and cultures, etc, with FB's studies.
The Spouse bought a yabbi net for $2.
Apparently we're going to go yabbying.
Where, I have nfi.
But I can guarantee if it involves wet feet and getting mucky The Spouse and Feral Beast will be in it like a shot.
Yes, the hearth was still there but now it's here.


  1. Great find. That will stop the radiator bars from rolling out onto the floor.

  2. I like I like.
    (not quite sure what a hearth is, but I like)

  3. Bugger! Spotlight! I was in the city earlier and meant to go to Spotlight; completely forgot after I wandered into the chocolate shop. I've decided my bedroom needs thermal lined curtains instead of the flimsy cut-up-the-middle-double bed sheet.
    You want a new back? Get in line.
    So does the hearth fit?

  4. "The Spouse bought a yabbi net for $2."

    Sounds like bargain. You can't have yabbis running about free all over the place. Think of the droppings.

  5. It does, Andrew!

    Thanks !
    It's the iron thingie that sits in front of an open/wood fire to stop any falling embers/burning wood from landing on a wooden floor and starting a nasty inferno, Amanda ;)

    Oooooo I need some of those kind of curtains, too, River!
    Yep, fits like a glove :)

    I have a strange inkling you may not know what a yabbi is, Brian.
    Have a gander HERE and, yes, they do taste quite yummy I've been told.