Saturday, June 20, 2009

She shoots, she scores...she did something with her hair....

So I didn't delete the blog or run into the desert to have a tanty of the screaming heebies.
Awww, sorry I spoilt your fun.
Whatever, I'm still here.
(_(_) (_(_) (_(_) (_)_) (_)_) (_(_)

1790 The food shortage in the colony was relieved when all the demon-possessed ankle biters turned cannibal and they hid the bodies in the vegies patch.
Oh, alright, the store ship of the second fleet, the Justinian, rocked up in the nick of time.
My version was more fun.

My cousin has booked a house-sitter for her farm, near Horsham, for the first time (she usually has wwoofers) and is getting cold feet for some reason.
Gee, first holiday - a well earnt holiday- in two years, I'd hate to see her cancel.

Yesterday would have been Mum and Dad's 55th wedding anniversary, except Mum was not looked after properly by a medical "professional" and died on her third waltz with cancer.
A friend's mother was "looked after" by the same person and also died - we both swear if we ever see her we'll hijack the nearest car and run the bitch down.
"I'm sorry officer, I can't see a thing...."

 1864 2,500 Aussies crossed the ditch to fight in the NZ Wars, seeing action on this day at Te Ranga.

Dad's wheelchair is getting uncomfortable as he's losing weight (he's dying by the way), so I'm hunting down fluffy, feathery cushions for him and crocheting different coloured rugs for when The Spouse takes him shopping.
Perhaps I should lend the wheelchair to Glen to trundle John out again...Glen seems to be in need of a crutch on a regular basis.

1928 The Canterbury Aero Club was formed with the first pilot trained there a woman, Aroha Clifford, probably NZ's first female pilot.

Was reading through the 1945 Law Notices from The Argus - as one does when one has nothing better to do - and noticed Hawthorn used to have airs and graces being labelled once upon a time Upper Hawthorn.
Where, may one ask, did Lower Hawthorn reside?

1943 Darwin was bombed.
Yes, again.
Just one of the 64 times it was bombed by enemy aircraft.
Someone should make a movie and call it "Darwin!" with some bimbo drooling after Hugh...oh, wait, they already did.

Made Jeanie's lemon squares recipe, had one too many post-evening meal last night and was overcome with sleepiness and yawning -was tempted to slip into a diabetic coma but the kids made too much noise for me to die sufficiently.
Besides, there's some fuckers I still want to screw with.

1987 The All Blacks won the first World Cup by very convincingly thrashing France 29 -9 at Eden Park.
Read more HERE.

After commenting on Fitzroyalty's post about food hygiene FOI battle I noticed one of the previously "closed for renovations" local butcher shops is closed again for...."renovations".
Ahem, yeah, sure, buddy.
The ones "closed for renos" were actually closed due to poor hygiene practices ( so several other butchers and shop keepers let slip) and thankfully they were not shops I loitered near with intent, they were just....not nice.


  1. "1943 Darwin was bombed."

    Probably too much celebrating after his evolution discovery.

  2. Good thing. It would have been a hell of a trip trying to track you down.

  3. Sorry about your Dad. He is lucky to have you.

  4. Mmmm those lemon squares look lovely.

  5. The lemon squares sound addictive.

  6. Lemon squares are orgasmically devine.

    Am so sorry to hear how your mother died. That's awful.

  7. He must have tied a good one on, Brian, we're still talking about it 66 yrs later!

    I promise to wear GPS, Elizabeth ;)

    You tell him that when I refuse to let him drink whisky, Andrew lol.

    Marita and Anja - those lemon squares are scrumptious!

    Exactly, WS!

  8. Crikey - your opening para gave me a heart attack - I was wondering why you would even consider deleting your blog. But then a quick back check to read on the shit fight that happened while I was head down, bum up studying and Not Getting Distracted By Blogs.
    Glad you are still here!
    ...and my do those lemon squares sound tasty ;)

  9. Thanks, Amanda and, yep, those squares are full of delicious goodness :)