Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shivering Saturday June Thirteen

 Tis the Alphabet Soup Radiothon of JOY 94.9, started yesterday and continues until June 21.
So listen online, join up and support a fab resource.

823 Holy Roman Emperor and King of the West Franks Charles the Bald ( or in PC parlance Charles The Follically Challenged) was pupped.

I have solar and dynamo powered radios (that charge up on mains if need be) and I have the radio going all night, every night so I can catch the pearls of wisdom on gardening at 3am or a trivia challenge at 4am or the news at get the picture.
Imagine me sitting up in bed shivering enough to turn the bed into a vibrating novelty, teeth chattering morse code while I wind up the damn radio that had gone flat in the middle of the night so as I wouldn't miss the dulcet tones of Red Symons at breakfast.
Yes, it really is coldest just before dawn! LOL

1835 The collection of shanties we know today as Melbourne was considering the title of Batmania on this day.
Yes, I will trot this out on the same Bat time, same Bat channel every year if only for the pleasure of saying ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner BATMAN!

How cold is it?
It's so cold sparrow fart hasn't registered for days as the sparrows are hogging the farts for extra warmth.

1866 The shocking Maungatapu murders took place.
For more details click HERE.

We sleep with a dog in her beanbag, the other dog and a cat under the doona.
You know it's cold when the animals whinge if you don't share the hot water bottles with them....

1933 Having a lump of dirt doing nothing, The Australian Antarctic Territory was established.
Because it was just there.

Chooks are happy with Feral Beast's suggestion of sawdust mixed with the straw and shredded newspaper....they put themselves to bed, tuck themselves in and have laid 2 double yolkers so far.

1949 Brekkie presenter and character of wit, Red Symons celebrates his 21st all over again.

Watched Message Stick last night and all I can say is Walgett is damned lucky to have Craig Ashby who is a passionate student teacher with his head screwed on the right way and full of determination and vision to hope to be guiding future indigenous and non-indigenous students through the intricacies of Oz history.

1956 Broadmeadows, in the wild west outskirts of Batmania Melbourne was loudly proclaimed to be....A City!!!!

You know what really sucks hairy dogs' balls?
Finding an article in the newspaper archives, dated 1946, reporting a new Aboriginal committee person's maiden speech which clearly stated how mission schools were failing the Aboriginal children and how their literacy and numeracy skills were poor or non-existent.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.....


  1. f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fooey it's cold here today.

  2. It's this Global Warming, Rhubarb ;)

  3. "It's so cold sparrow fart hasn't registered for days as the sparrows are hogging the farts for extra warmth."

  4. Hi! To reduce our carbon footprint during winter we've had to resort to fart driven Dutch ovens. Saves on the trees but does nothing for romance. Can't have everything can we?

    Take Care,

  5. "You know what really sucks hairy dogs' balls?"

    Susan Boyle at Crufts?

  6. That article about the aboriginal mission schools? Make a million photocopies and send one a week to whichever government department is in charge of aboriginal affairs. It's a disgraceful situation that shouldn't be allowed to go on.

    And why are you sitting up shivering in bed? Put on your fleecy tracksuit and wrap that doona around yourself! Then drink a warming mug of hot chocolate.

  7. *grins*, Amanda.

    I can see you're holding off on the baked beans, Peter ;)

    Brian, my monitor almost wore a mouthful of tea LMAO!
    Oh the images!

    I've a good mind to do that, River, they're both great suggestions!