Friday, June 12, 2009

Tis The Twelfth June

As I know how much some readers enjoy Midsomer Murders I tried to hunt down a pic online of the star in his muscled glory robed in those all-too-brief shorts....alas this is the best I could do but I know some of you will be speechless.
Hope you've eaten brekkie!

1365 King Edward III of England stamped his royal heel and banned the playing of that barbaric game, football.
Lads were to busy themselves with the practice of archery instead.
1848 Kemp's Deed was signed giving the New Zealand Company control of the land from Kaiapoi to Otago.
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1901 At Williamsrust in South Africa Victorians were trapped by a surprise attack in an horrific 5 minutes-long raid which resulted in the deaths of 18 and 42 wounded.
1942 The first of an eventual 100,000 American servicemen arrived in New Zealand.
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What is it with people and marriage lately?!
First is a person I met through a friend who upped and left her hubby then it comes out she's got her sights set on a married male friend while playing nicey-nice friends with the wife.
Then on Monday I was down Carnegie way only to bump into our 2-doors-along much married neighbour who was playing tonsil hockey with some teen-looking bimbo. I knew he'd seen me after I walked past as I could hear the swearing!
Wonder if I'm game to walk up to the shops today and see what I bump into then?!


  1. "King Edward III of England stamped his royal heel and banned the playing of that barbaric game, football."

    I wonder what idiot lifted the ban.

  2. Such a lovey blue. *grin*
    Like the frames!

    Alas my library doesn't have Bergerac. Wonder if I've missed it on public TV not knowing what it was.

  3. No idea, Brian, but let's blame Liz's mob.

    Thank you, Elizabeth *blush* :)
    Can you ask your library to order it in at all?

  4. Apparently marriage vows mean nothing. My first husband and I married too young and grew apart, he had a girlfriend even while telling me he didn't, since I no longer loved him and he didn't love me, I didn't mind too much, divorce papers were proceeding, when I finally met the "non-existent" girlfriend she was 6 months pregnant.

  5. What a pity football didn't remain banned. ;)

    Look forward to hearing what else/who else you spot when you go out next.