Friday, June 19, 2009

To borrow a line from a former PM - G'Day Scumbag.
That's not directed at you, dear readers, but at the piece of dog shyte who has stolen my bandwidth, hounded me with emails and, yesterday, sent a threatening email accusing me of being "a Nazi bitch and Jew hater".
All because I took exception to a rude commenter on my blog almost a month ago.
Now, apparently it was not because the other person was rude at all but because I'm "a Nazi bitch and Jew hater" who is being "wached" (sic) and I should "drop the act".
I felt sick to my stomach reading the almost illiterate email last night signed from "A Friend".
I did consider deleting my entire blog and walking away such is the disgust I felt at this latest comment, but I figured that is just what this scumbag wants.
My dad worked for many Jewish families over the years, taking me along and I played with their kids. I went to school with some Jewish kids whose parents were either lapsed or couldn't afford private schooling  (I have no idea, it wasn't a topic of schoolyard conversation as we were avoiding the boy germs on the monkey bars). The Spouse's grandfather was an inmate of Bergen-Belsen prison camp, tattooed with the number on his forearm and lucky to survive to make his way to Oz.
I do not give a fat rat's clacker about anyone's beliefs or skin colour, it is the person themselves that I judge.
Before the rude commenter starts claiming I've accused her of being the author I don't believe this is from her but someone who thinks they are doing her a favour.
With friends like that, who needs enemies.


  1. What's that old saying about showing me your friends and I'll show you who you are......... Doesn't say much for the person you had the disagreement with if this is what their friends are like does it?

    And they have the hide to call you nasty. pffft.


  2. So sorry to hear that you are receiving emails like that. And that you have someone stealing bandwidth.

    I hope that they crawl back under the nearest rock sooner rather than later and stop inflicting their pathetic grammar and spelling skills on everybody else. And their misguided comments.

  3. Well, there's the theory solved, Jayne. Fuck 'em, girl.

    Where the fuck does this walking, talking enema drag up the Nazi crap from? Egads, some people should be neutered.

  4. "A friend" needs "a hole" in her head.

  5. How does one 'steal bandwidth'? Not that I am looking to... and Lord knows I have none of my own to get stolen. Just curious.

    As for the other... delete it and get on with your life. Best revenge: living well!!

  6. God Jayne that sucks. What a royal PITA.

    I'd say just delete future emails from this person unread. BUT you might actually need to keep them if it gets to be more of a problem so you can show police the history of the problem.

  7. "With friends like that, who needs enemies."

    They do...the more enemies the better I reckon.

    Incidentally your renewel form for the BNP has just arrived and they want to know if you'll be making another generous contribution this year?

  8. You? Nasty? I think they have you confused with someone else.

  9. Not the commenter from a month ago but I'd say someone who has been waiting for an opportunity to wage war from a long time back and put the blame on a innocent party.

    Trouble magnet, Jayne, that's what you is.

  10. I think Max Mosley would find you quite hot in a uniform adorned with a swastika.

  11. Thanks, B.

    It was a puzzler at first with the spelling, Gem.

    If I give you the blunt, rusty scissors, Anja, you'll know how to neuter the prick.

    Or his head, WS ;)

    Here's a good explanation of how it's done, BB.

    Yep, am keeping them safe.

    LMFAO Brian!

    I think it was the horse whip that excited them, River.

    If you're thinking of the same person I am, Jahteh, nod twice.

    If you're referring to his orgy spankfest from last year I turned down the offer of the sequal, Andrew.

  12. I came back to see what 'stealing bandwidth' was. I now go away with not a jot more understanding than when I arrived.

  13. The link I included for BB is a good explanation, J.

  14. Jayne,

    For the record...I have never thought of you as a Nazi or Jew-hater.

    Although I'm glad to have people defend me in this mess, I am sad and disturbed that they would resort to cruel-name calling, harassment, and ridiculous accusations.

    That is NOT something I tolerate. If I find out who has done this, I will let them know I'm not okay with it.

    I'm relieved to know you haven't given up on your blog. Although we are no longer friendly with each other, I still believe your blog is a highly valuable resource.

  15. Sorry you have to put up with this rubbish Jayne.
    Some people just don't know when to quit do they.
    'Jew hater' 'Nazi'? Wtf?? That's just mental!


  16. Ooo Jayne, someone yawned bullshit on your blog. Hope you've got some industrial strength cleanser handy.

  17. So do we have to call you Mein Fuhrer now and salute? Or is it still zany Jayne-e ;)

  18. A message from Liz at Mad Bush Farm:

    "Good on you, Jayne, I'm glad you didn't delete your blog. Lisa is doing me a favour by posting this for me. Take care -- Liz."

  19. What the Blazes?!!!!

    I must have missed the posts on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Der Stürmer-like tones.

    Jayne, don't let the crazies get you down.