Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T...T...Ten Stalactites of ice forming on the ceiling of this June day

We are currently celebrating the Roman Festival of Vestalia here in chilly Oz to honour Vesta the Goddess of fire and hearth.
Just look at the snow flurries and thermal underwear if you don't believe me!

1829 In the first Henley-on-Thames race Oxford trounced Cambridge in front of 20,000 spectators.
Yes, I remember it well....

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1838 The brutal and horrific Myall Creek Massacre of Aboriginal Peoples took place on this date.
Read about the bloodbath that included the elderly, women and children HERE, HERE and HERE.

1880 Macpherson Roberston, that clever chocolately chap who founded the MacRobertson Confectionary Company which gave the world Freddo Frogs, began cooking up the goodies in a Fitzroy bathroom.

What do you think compliments my mother-in-law's eyes...?

1886 Mt Tarwera in NZ erupted causing massive destruction and approx. 120 deaths.
To learn more about this shattering event, the myth of the phantom canoe and the results click HERE.

Gossip from The Richmond Guardian June 10, 1899 -
Houses in the Richmond area connected to the new-fangled sewer system was a grand sum of 778.

1906 NZ's longest serving PM Richard Seddon, nicknamed King Dick, passed away.
Read more about this powerful chap HERE.

1935 Caxton Press was founded by John Drew and Dennis Glover to publish New Zealand literature.

1941 Recruitment among the Torres Strait Island Indigenous populations began to man the Torres Strait Defence Force.


  1. I thought Vesta was either the Goddess of cheap dried meals or matches.

  2. The devil quakes in his stylish yet affordable boots each morning when I wake up, that is until I get my coffee - then angles sing of my magnificence.


  3. Angels / angles

    Take your pick as to who is singing my magnificence.

    Clearly I should not be leaving comments before finishing my morning coffee. :D

  4. Vesta lent her name to matches and the fail-safe Vesta Box, Brian ;)

    It's angels sitting at an angle that are warbling your good points, Marita lol.