Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When Mums should just not try to explain.....June 3

Finally got some history, science and archaeology podcasts for Feral Beast to listen to at night on the mp4 player coz the kid just doesn't doze off till late.
The archaeology podcasts are from The Naked Archaeologist.
Should have seen his face when I was quickly trying to explain the title of it.
"No, no, there's nothing of Phil or Carenza or Mick without their clothes!!!" I almost shouted as his face was making these weird shapes and looked like he was about to chunder.
"Oh, mum, that's even worse! Now I've got that idea burned into my brain EWWWWWWW."
But it's ok....he managed to delete all 45 flippin' hours of podcasts inside an hour....

 Today is the Festival for Bellona, the Roman Goddess of war.
Oh, yeah, the chicks can get blood thirsty and plain nasty when our dander's up.
Just don't get between a woman on the war path and her caffeine.....or chocolate....

Tis also the Feast Day for St Kevin of Glendalough.
He lived to be 120.
And was the patron saint of blackbirds.
But had major issues with chicks.
He obviously needed a shed......

1837 Busby's Bore -no, no, not the one you sat next to at the MacArthur's dinner party last week,Liz, that was your hubby Phil - was finally finished and Sydney began receiving a regular supply of water.
I can wash my socks!

1885 The last military battle on Canadian soil took place on this day when Plains Cree chief Mistahimaskwa ( aka Big Bear) was fleet of foot and escaped the Mounties during the North West Rebellion.
For more information, fab pictures and maps, click HERE.

1936 Legendary All Black Sir Colin 'Pinetree' Meads was pupped.
For all the info on this famous player click HERE and HERE and HERE.

1968 The first TV brekkie program in the Fair Land of Oz was launched on GTV-9 in Melbourne. The show was called Today (how original!), was hosted by a radio DJ named Mike Walsh and his co-host was Bobo Faulkner.
(In 1972 Bobo Faulkner infamously announced Germaine Greer "always looked as if she'd been dragged through a current affair backwards". How apt!)
 For a fab photo of them celebrating with champers together at, click HERE.

1978 The final ever passenger train service choofed off on the Bendigo to Robinvale rail line.
Only to be replaced by *hmph* buses.
That lack character and dignity and flair and are just so totally not in the same league as a train.


  1. ""No, no, there's nothing of Phil or Carenza or Mick without their clothes!!!" I almost shouted..."

    I thought all archaeologists excavated in the nuddy. No wonder I keep getting odd looks off the rest of the crew.

  2. lol @ Feral Beast.

    Sounds like you have the interesting conversations we do.

  3. I'm not even going to...oh, look, Brian! A bacon butty!

    Yep, WS, they're starting to get really fun as he begins to think differently :)

  4. Must read that. Canada actually has some history with guns and stuff.
    So unfriendly of us, but I bet we were polite about it.

  5. lol @ FB!

    I could just hear one of my lot coming out with that lol

  6. There were some hot looking people digging at Vindolanda last year. I think this naked archaeology should be promoted. Wouldn't have been much to see with the cold wind howling up the hill though.

  7. It's quite a good article, Elizabeth :)

    His face was a classic, B lol.

    I dread to think where they'd keep their trowels, Andrew ! lol

  8. "He obviously needed a shed"

    ALL men should have a shed. Then they can stay the hell out of my kitchen.........