Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wonder twin powers activate!

It's gazillion o'clock and I've just souped up the fettle with more lemony squares of wicked goodness (pray for us sinners now and at the moment we scoff the last square, Amen).
Oh, yeah.
I'm soooooo going to Hell....where it's toasty warm and chilblains are a thing of the past (woot).
So, let's get down to business...

1887 Queen Vic had parked her posterior on the Royal Throne for 50 years....hence the new vegie patch at Buck Palace to cover up the night soil and the fact it's not just the corgies who pee on the lawn of late...heck, Liz is over 80 now, a little stress incontinence is to be expected....just point her in the direction of the lemon trees and she'll be right...

Saw a fab doco on wild Killer Whales that worked directly with humans to herd whales at Eden on the NSW coast back in the day.
The Killer Whales would make their way to the whalers homes and slap their tails on the water to call the whalers out for the hunt and would guide them to where the whale was.
In just 1 rowing boat, no motor, a hand-thrown harpoon and in freezing cold weather they followed the Killer Whales in the middle of the night (they did not kill more than 8 whales each year).
Now, I'm no fan of whaling despite what my sushi chef says in the tabloids (hmmmm Minkie, the other white meat) but this group of human whalers were actually trained by the Killer Whales who had also worked with the local Aboriginal People before the European settlers arrived. This behaviour and extreme level of trust and help towards humans by wild animals is incredible.
(Looking at watch, counting the seconds before someone starts bleating about animal rights which completely misses the point of this doco tick tick tick).
Check the details and info out HERE.

1964 From 21st until 28th the mop tops from Liverpool waltzed their way around The Shaky Isles warbling their hit tunes to bazillions of screaming girls.
Learn more about these ancient artefacts HERE.

Have renamed Feral Beast as Shadrach after reading Brian's recent post.
The Offspring formerly known as Feral Beast is unphased by this latest quirk.
OH! Read about how there's now Time Team America!
Foxtel better be airing it on the History channel....Thursday nights would be fine with me....if anyone's listening...

2006 Kiwi working dogs were exempt from being microchipped under new animal laws.
 Explore NZ dish lickers HERE.

Am taking Shadrach, formerly known as Feral Beast, to that gorgeous stately mansion I would love to slip into my handbag, Labassa.
We will be forced to endure guided talks amidst beautiful furniture, chandeliers, draperies, gold embossed wallpaper and architecture that makes my teeth sing - and you won't.
I may shed a tear for you....if I remember whilst snapping pics of the chimneys....


  1. What? W.J was exotic enough?

    Marked the date for Time Team America. I'll be checking it out if our PBS station is carrying it.

    Love the historic home site. Visited a few others while I was at it.

  2. "I'm soooooo going to Hell....where it's toasty warm and chilblains are a thing of the past (woot)."

    The only trouble is you'll have to share it was all those french people.

    "Read about how there's now Time Team America!"

    A Time Team without Tony, Mick, Robin, Karenza and Phil's horrible shorts eating arse crack? It doesn't bear thinking about.

  3. Oooh I am envious of you going out to tour pretty houses.

  4. Wish I could come and see Labassa. We saw it when the Trust bought it in the eighties and it was divided up into flats. Some tenants were still there. It looks like a great restoration.

  5. The artist formerly known as "Feral Beast".

  6. Let us know what TT America is like if you get it, Elizabeth.
    You'd adore this house!

    If they feed me French bread for brekkie, I'll put up with them, Brina ;)
    It could be fun!

    Marita, Labassa is a winner.

    They're still slowly restoring it, Andrew, but it's worth a visit.

    Yes, he thinks his mother is slightly cracked, Anja LOL.

  7. Fascinating stories on the whales and the Beatles. Over the decades there's been many detailed, docmented stories about wild animals helping humans. It's a pity more humans don't follow their example and do more to befriend and help their wildlife counterparts, instead of the senseless kiling that accompanies the fear of something different.
    I never understood the Beatlemania thing, the screaming and hairtearing just didn't make sense to me. I did enjoy their songs though.
    Going back now to have a look at Labassa.

  8. Yeah, I'm with you on the Beatles - liked all their music but couldn't fathom the squealing nonsense.
    Hope you like tomorrow's post on our visit to Labassa, River :)