Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey Hey It's Hang-over....

...well, not strictly a hang-over in the traditional sense as I don't drink grog.
But I have spent the past 3 hours roaring with laughter, giggling, snorting, cackling, belly-laughing until the felines climbed the walls, crying with mirth, sniggering on end and generally having The Best bloody time in a long time.
For free.
Cost me jack.
T'was Hey Hey It's Saturday.
I feel like I've shed 10 yrs, Dad stayed up later than his usual 7pm bedtime for the first time in ages, Feral Beast LOVED it and we all had face-ache from laughing/smiling so much.
Decent, fun, GREAT family entertainment that appealed to 3 generations in this house alone and, judging by the soaring numbers on the Facebook page and Tweets, every other man, woman and child in all of creation.
Channel 9 would be silly not to bring it back permanently!

*Will resume normal trivial blatherings sometime tomorrow when my face stops tingling!



I certainly enjoyed that link you put up.

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Now, THAT'S a good hangover to have, a laughing hang over.

Sounds like a fun programme.

The Mutant said...

I had my fears that I'd remember Hey Hey more fondly then it really was. Thankfully I was wrong. I loved it.

However I think it should maybe return annually, not permanently. I still have some trepidation.

That said, bring on next week!

Jayne said...

I'll throw some more links in for you to watch, Elizabeth ;)
They had Aussies in Canada via webcam on the show last night lol, thought of you ;)

You'd love it, Nikki, belly laughs are better than sex.
But I don't think that includes Banana Boy :P

I feared the same thing, M, but it was a cracker :)

River said...

I missed it. L was dead set against watching it, so I surfed around the web while he watched something totally forgettable.

Jayne said...

There's another reunion special on next Wednesday, River, if you get control of the remote.

Andrew said...

Recorded but not watched yet. Reliving your youth Jayne?

Jayne said...

Been so long since I misplaced my yoof I'd never recognise it even if I tripped over the silly thing :P

Peter said...

Hi! For three hours I was back in my youth, belly laughs and all! As soon as the show finished I aged thirty years.

Take Care,

Ian said...

I avoided it - (a) it was never that good when it was on in the first place (b) don't want to encourage TV stations in thinking recycling old ideas is a winner.

Jayne said...

That's ok, Ian, humour is a very personal thing and what appealed to others for 28 yrs doesn't automatically become everyone's cuppa tea ;)