Friday, October 23, 2009

Daylesford tour finale

Yes, yes, I take far too many photos (346 at Daylesford to be precise) but I do cull a lot to spare you the rigid stare into the middle of next week!
Onward we go to Daylesford Lake and to prove that Frisky Librarian Jayne and I really are two separate people....

And so we leave Daylesford basking in the Spring afternoon sunshine....


Next week is Geelong!


  1. Sat down with my afternoon coffee and did the whole tour.

    Loved the stained glass, you have my permission to keep taking photos and posting them, was quite impressed with the Town Hall, always interesting in seeing what to me is pure Aussie architecture ...Gourmet Larder and the Royal Hotel which has interesting room decors but alas out of my price range, hubby loved the shot of the rusty Morris Minor and I of course truly appreciated the garden shots with the sunshine and flowers on this dull and dreary Ontario fall afternoon.

    You are a splendid tour guide Jayne and I thank you.

  2. Lots of old cars in Daylesford.

  3. Thank you for your lovely compliments, Elizabeth, they're very much appreciated :)

    Plenty of old classics up the country areas, Andrew :)

  4. The wonders of digital photos! Wonderful.

  5. I like the new photo arrangement, it's easier to look at somehow.

  6. Erected as a community tribute to Dr J. M. Harper? I take they considered the bloke to be a bit of a hole?