Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daylesford tour

OK, let me get this off my chest straight off; Daylesford is a beautiful, friendly, fabulous place but, dear Lord Mouldy-Bottom On High, if GPs wrote a prescription for us unfit people to live up there for a week and just use our legs we'd all be running marathons inside a year.
There aint no "flat, level" area in Daylesford, it's up hills and down dales all the way but by the end of the day I can honestly say I was no longer feeling anything below my waist so its all good.
A street map of Daylesford is available HERE.

*Anything bold, italic and blue is a link to further information so feel free to clickity-click-click whatever takes your fancy.

Woodend Station where one changes into a screaming virago for the road coach to Daylesford.

Side of a former pub (I think?) in Daylesford.

And, now we do the obligatory leadlight window obsession bit....

You'll notice there are different animals on each panel but I was unable to get shots of them all due to only 1 light being on in the shop(drat those energy-conscious people!).


Enough of that indulgence, let's move on to the buildings of note, many of which house goodies galore like collectibles and antiques and charming one-off pieces.
Daylesford is geared toward the tourist trade but it is a lovely place to visit and stay...maybe to even make a tree-change in.

Seriously, a book store that recognises the feline as the proper ruler of our universe.
What more could you ask for?!
Click HERE to check out the amazing array of goodies they offer.

Alpha Hall was the first cinema outside of Melbourne.
A little more on the various theatres in Central Vic HERE.

While there's a sense of history everywhere Daylesford has incorporated modern items to fit in, and compliment, items from yesteryear.
(Taking notes, Jussy?)

Right, we've wandered up past the former Daylesford Town Hall

Past the pretty shops and whatnot

To find ourselves standing on the corner with this diagonally opposite

Fantastic shop filled to the brim with curious bits n bobs, known as Wombat Hill Antiques and Collectibles, open on weekends only, apparently.
Make a point of going for a look see!
*Last photo is of a boot-scraper, 1 of 2 still insitu, which infers that it must have been an upmarket pub/guesthouse as none of the others have these!

And the grand post office ahead of us

Click HERE for a then-&-now look.

Then along the street is...

(Former) Daylesford Fire Station.

Then this grouping of objects which obviously belong to

I must say for a town geared toward tourism the entry fees on the museum are dirt cheap and make it a must-visit. *Check opening days and times on website.

Still meandering down Vincent St (Daylesford-Ballan Rd)  we found..

Random pretty houses and gardens *blissful sigh* which are not done any justice by the camera.


More to come tomorrow including shots of where we sat on the balcony of the Daylesford Hotel for Andrew and Cazzie.
To check out more info on Daylesford this site HERE has some great links, commentary and photos.


  1. Great photos. The shoe scraper was a good find.

  2. Love these. Am thinking would be a good day trip one sunny weekend for the little ones. Oh, and me too course.
    You've just inspired me to go look at old cinemas. And start thinking of new work/employment for me...

  3. Wow! Steeped in history. Great photos!

  4. Daylesford looks like such a perfect little place. I love the bookstore entrance. Especially the door. Where is Daylesford exactly?

  5. oooh - pretty.
    Love the lead lights

  6. Thanks, Andrew. We were rapt to find them but disappointed the shop itself was shut, looks great!

    Book in for a week, Raelene, it's loveluy ;)

    Thanks, Nicki :)

    Daylesford is in Central Vic, River, off to the left from Woodend and down a little from Bendigo.

    They're beautiful, Amanda :)