Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's one of those days

Dunno if I'll even hit publish but I need to explain, apparently, to some readers who are obviously effected by the full moon or the tides or the change of season/weather/Spring Racing Carnival or they stopped taking their meds...again, or the simple fact they have a huge pile of SOL (shit on liver) that they're unable to shift with even a little Metamucil and orange juice but feel the need to share their crappy mood with me.

I am legally blind and, contrary to what I've over-heard some idiots at the Eye and Ear Hosp in Melbourne brag, this actually forces you to give up your driving license.
So, when I write a photo tour of some place it's a walking tour, not a car in sight, only transport is train/bus/tram.
If you want to make yourself feel better by attacking and abusing me over the fact I am not writing about touristy things situated a million miles out of a town, then go right ahead cos you're the one who ends up looking like an ignorant dickhead.
And if I wish to "moan and complain incessantly" about Melbourne's public transport system (which I don't "incessantly" but I try to in a humourous way) it is because I do not have the luxury to "just take the car when the fucking train is late and stop crying over it".

My son is "High Functioning Autistic" or Asperger's/Aspie.
I homeschool him as the mainstream school system let him be bullied for 3 yrs by a child they treated with kid gloves.
That same child and the inaction of the school, when the child attempted to ****** abuse my son after years of hitting/kicking/punching/biting, etc, forced me into the position of contacting child protective services.
The school refused to report it. Several other mothers came forward and reported the same thing about the same child and the fact the school had not acted on their previous complaints and concerns until I rang DHS.
I then removed him from the school.
I do not "waste my son's ideal learning years" nor am I "a nutcase religious hippy living on the fringe of society" nor is my son "some idiot savant Rainman eating his own shit".
If I choose to post about his achievements I do so as a proud mother whose child was struggling at school, even with an integration aide.
My son is now on his 3rd subject at university and enjoying it greatly.
He is 12.

This blog is based on trivial history items, events, dates, things generally overlooked in the mainstream.
I blog about Oz, NZ and Canadian (and some British) history dates because there isn't enough info about them out on the net.
I write these events in a humourous manner without any intention to offend anyone.
If you do not like something, then close the window and walk away.
Don't bother coming back and writing an offensive reply attacking me over the historical facts, I can't re-write history just to make your racist, right-wing arsehole of a soul feel better.
Likewise to those who think I should be more pro-active left-wing - historical facts are facts, they are mired in the past and, despite the many times we can revisit the event or date, we cannot change what happened to cause the event nor can we alter the results of that same event.
While I am a hard worker abusing me won't work miracles.

And if I write something that is obviously outrageous it is because IT'S A JOKE, JOYCE.
If you notice I have linked historical events with time periods that came long after the date IT'S A JOKE, JOYCE.
Having to explain that things are a joke kinda takes the humour out of things and assumes that you are all idiots, which I don't think you are.
Although, judging by the emails, there's a select couple who are functioning without a brain or commonsense.

I poke crap at all politicians of all persuasians.
They're all as bad as one another and the only decent pollie is the one who actually pulls their finger out of their arse and gets work done, not whether they pontificated beautifully in Parliament or what blue/white/red collar/ribbon party/seat they belong to.

The different states of Oz poke crap at each other in a FRIENDLY manner.
When I poke fun at another state ( or even my own) I do so in a JOKING manner (see above for IT'S A JOKE, JOYCE).
Some Americans have taken me to task over this practice, believing that there is a real savage intent behind the words. I think this is due to a very real issue between the states in USA (please correct me if I'm wrong) but don't assume that if it happens in your country then it must be the same in every country.
Queenslanders are Banana Benders, Northern Territorians are Top Enders, NSWelshmen are Cockroaches, Victorians are Gumsuckers/Cabbages (NSW and Vic are referred to as Mexicans by Qlders coz these states are south of the QLD border) , Taswegians are Apple Islanders, South Australians are Crow Eaters, Westralians are Sandgropers and there's a huge plethora of other state nicknames I've left out.
Our unofficial 7th state New Zealand are Kiwis who have their own nicknames for different areas and call Oz their West Island.
IT'S ALL A JOKE, JOYCE, none of it is meant in offence.

If you feel the need to write me an email abusing me or my blog that's fine but stop and take a good, long look at your behaviour and what's fuelling it.
Do you constantly belittle others? Criticise other people all the time, fire off emails correcting people in a rude/abusive manner? Have few friends and even less online contacts who return your emails but you can't figure out why?
Try being more constructive instead of destructive.
While others around you are building things up with their acheivements, you're tearing things down, possibly due to your insecurity/inability to be creative or because your head is firmly wedged in your arse and is cemented there.


  1. Amen and well said.

    You are a role model for me with your parenting of Feral Beast. I see how much he has achieved and what a smart, kind, considerate, just all round great to hang out with person he is and know that there is someone who I would be happy for my children to model their behaviour on.

  2. Well, you did hit publish and pleased you did. I think people have to read a blog for a while before expressing strong critical opinions. That is, check out the lie of the land. Otherwise the critical people end up looking very foolish. Sad really that you have to explain.

  3. Excuse me while I stand and applaud you. Well said. Too many people read one line and think they know what the whole book is about. Geebus.
    On a positive note, I am really glad to hear all is going better for your son now he is working from home. As a parent you need to do right by you and your family. Screw anyone with blinkers on.

  4. Who you calling Joyce?

    ha ha - leave the money on the fridge, Jayne.

    Love your work.

  5. So there, JOYCE!!

    You take fantastic photos for one who is legally blind, Jayne.

    Your son is only 12? I thought he was older........

  6. Oh, thank you, Marita!
    You've made me teary now :)

    Exactly, Andrew.
    Some tools trying to be smart arses only end up looking the fool.

    Thanks, Raelene. It's a symptom of the instant gratification world we live in, I think, for some to assume they know the ins and outs of a ducks bum from one post/line.

    Thanks, Jeanie (and the Bump) xx

    LOL Ta, River, you'd be amazed at the number of bad shots that get deleted. Digital cameras make anyone look good.

    Thanks, Scott :)

  7. Oi - Gumsucker!
    Amen to all that (points upwards to blog post).
    I PMSL at your posts very often - when I'm not crying about some horrid happening of the past or drooling into my keyboard wanting to go visit places with a bit of interesting architecture. You take great photos for a legally blind chick ;)
    ...and FB is *12*. Wow. He is one smart little dude. I had assumed he was ~18. Go FB!
    Banana Bender

  8. LOL
    Thanks, Amanda, my whole point is to make history cheerful and giggle-worthy ;)
    FB just reminded me that he takes some of those photos, too, so I must give him credit, and editing programs with digital cameras clean up untidy shots ;)

  9. Maybe Joyce needs a good shag to relax her.

    Jayne, having spoken to you off blog, I can honestly say whatever Joyce has said to you is crap.

    You are one cool blind chick in my books.

    MWAH, love the fat chick.

  10. Holy cr*p, i can't believe you've had to write that. What sort of people are these?