Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20.....another Chewsday, another day of wet paper bag excitement

 Oh, look, She of The Waffling Past doth cackle yet more!

New Zealand History Online site has named James K. Baxter as Kiwi Of The Week.

 1659 The first Ursulines - The Grey Nuns- rocked up to Montreal.
1686 La Maison des Ursulines - the House of the Grey Nuns - was destroyed by fire in Quebec.
(Not, as The Spouse would have us believe, that anyone was smoking in bed).

1792 John Pascoe Fawkner was spewed forth into this world, giving Melbourne 2 suburb names and its first pub.

1873 Fiercely staunch feminist Nellie McClung,  who fought for the rights of women in Canada, was born on this day.
Read more about this grand lady HERE.

1964 Homicide - the classic Aussie cop series, boys and girls, that made pork pie hats de rigeur - burst onto the idiot boxes sitting in the corner of our lounge rooms.

1976 Activists at the 5th National Gay and Lesbian Conference formed the National Gay Rights Coalition.

1987 The NZ stock market went into meltdown due to the crash on Wall Street.
Same bucket of Wall Street crap...

1997 The Senate passed a motion, along with their prune juice, which condemned the Govt's part in rubber stamping approval of mining at Jabiluka.

And because I've been such a slack old cow I missed mentioning...
Oct 19, 1868 A 7.5 earthquake at Cape Farewell at 12.35am.
Oct 19, 1973 The NZ Day Act was given the Royal Nod to make Waitangi Day a public holiday.
Oct 19, 1976 The Sullivans, war-time soapie, threw themselves upon us.
Oct 19, 1994 Goodnight Kiwi aired for the last time on TV1 & TV2.


  1. Cogs grind, belts slip...Pascoe...Pascoe Vale. Ahhhh.

  2. "...the House of the Grey Nuns - was destroyed by fire in Quebec."

    One of them probably had a monk on.

  3. Oh my gosh! the Sullivans! Did you watch it? Did you catch the humungous blooper? Where they were standing on a footpath discussing something or other, and a 727 jumbo flew across the sky?