Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 23 and Daylesford tour continues

Continuing our walking tour of Daylesford -

Daylesford Primary, a little further down Vincent St.
Looks gorgeous, can't we have it made into a private residence...?

Bend and snap 22.5 times when you reach this section...

OMG! This Heathen felt God!
And he was mighty buff I must admit...


Uniting Church found loitering on the corner of Central Springs Rd and Duke St.
Lower picture shows original church/hall dated 1861.

 St Peter's Catholic Church on the corner of Central Springs and Duke St.
I sizzled only slightly as I passed...

St Andrews Church, now privately owned, in Camp Street.

Christian Fellowship Church in Camp St.

 Christ Church, in Central Springs Rd, which looks out on these stunning views.

Best pub I've been in for ages.

Daylesford Bowls Club cnr of Camp and Albert Sts; don't know how they manage to get many ends played with that view...

Hitching post and decent gutter for the neddy to paddle in.

Couldn't you see Matron Sloan charging out of there in full sail...?
Daylesford Hospital in...Hospital Street.

Plaque says it all, main street outside the Royal Hotel.

(Former) Albert Hotel in Camp Street.
Top pic showing the gradient of the street with a lower, basement floor on one side.

The Convent Gallery in Daly Street.

 The gardens were bursting with colour, life and a few unusual blooms...

As promised we sat on the balcony of the Daylesford Hotel for Andrew and Cazzie and toasted them in their absence.
The last pic shows what I assume to be some CFA burning off as it was far too late in the day to have been anything to do with historic Maldon station burning plus it was the wrong direction.

1874 A contest in finding the fastest oyster opener was held in Quebec with the winner shucking 300 of the delish shell-fish in 30 mins.

1948 The NZ Mt Ruapehu air crash claimed the lives of thirteen on board.
For more details click HERE.

1998 The then-Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Herron claimed the Federal Govt would never cough up an apology for the Stolen Generation.


  1. That was the hotel balcony we had lunch at. Cheers. Noticed for once that the catholic church does not seem to be the grandest church in the village.

  2. It's a great pub, Andrew, can highly recommend a meal or drink there.
    Yep, some of the other churches were stunning.

  3. Im loving the church pics. Now I wanna go visit Daylesfod too...

  4. It really is so very pretty, is there nothing ugly there?

  5. "Albert Hotel in Camp Street."

    No, matron, no...

  6. what gorgeous old buildings!

    I much prefer the older character filled building to the crap modern monstrosities.

  7. It's a great place for keeping it's beauty, Amanda.

    Not that either of us saw that day, River, although I did see the town swimming pool burbling with blue algae about 30 yrs ago.

    Phil the Greek will have words to you, young Brian!

    Knew you had excellent taste, Kel lol ;)