Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 26 annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she prattles again...

Sorry, been rather slack with the daily wafflings, have been pulling weeds and planting a thousand and one vegie plants/seedlings.
Although the compost has birthed more tomatoes than you can poke a stick so the front garden shall be awash with 'matoes soonish!

1835 The first load of livestock landed at Williamstown.
They found their land legs and then proceeded to exclaim loudly at their below decks sea cruise...

1838 Geelong - where we are venturing on this week's walking tour on Wednesday - was proclaimed a town site.
No, the timing is a mere coincidence, I'm really not that anal!

1942 An Act was passed, namely the Women's Jurors Act, which allowed Kiwi chicky-babes to sit on juries.

1980 Land at Cuthbert's Green was given to the trustees of the Nga Hua E Wha  National Marae.

1993 The wonderful Crash Test Dummies released the album God Shuffled His Feet.

1997 Jacques Villeneuve became the first Canadian to win the World Championship of Drivers when he came in 3rd at the European Grande Prix in Jerez, Spain.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.


  1. "1942 An Act was passed, namely the Women's Jurors Act, which allowed Kiwi chicky-babes to sit on juries."

    I hope they didn't suffocate them.

  2. I've just noticed the colour codings (don't mind me, take me a while to notice stuff right there in front of me nose ...). Very cool! You certainly go to a lot of effort to put up stuff on your blog for us to read, Jayne. Just thought I'd pass on that both you and the blog are appreciated.

  3. Ha Ha @ Brian Hughes.
    Just what are you going to do with a gazillion tomatoes? Do you have a good sauce recipe?

  4. They got wot they deserved :P

    Thank you very much, Lisa, your fab blog is a work of art and shows your dedication to your craft :)

    Yep, River, got some great recipes to freeze and The Spouse has plans on BBQ-ing many 'mates on skewers, too ;)