Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Geelong trip or How I Learned To Love Sun-Dried Sushi Au Naturel

Can I just begin by saying that I love the 6.42am from Oakleigh?
It's been on time these past few weeks (and having said it out loud it will now break down every day) we can grab a seat, there are normal human beings on this train (as opposed to the bug-eyed staring hyped up sardine squished druggies trying to pass for caffeine addicts heading into the office to make another mugging killing) and being a limited express we don't muck around with the MATH stations spending an entire 26 mins getting to  So Cross Spencer Street Station.

*NB Quite a number of these shots are Feral Beast's, as he's uploaded the whole lot into his own file and transferred what he thinks I might want across to my file.
Many of his shots are actually for his studies so I'm "borrowing" them for here.

Storm water/creek thing masquerading as a waterway.
Or maybe a nuclear hatching pond for aliens, who knows?

Something to do oil industry.


Gordon Tafe, beautiful building but I think FB has culled my shots of the stained glass windows *sob*

A faith-based building called, I am reliably informed, a church.

This was a real estate agents offices, road too wide and busy to get a great shot from other side of the road without ending up with tall delivery trucks blocking the shot or myself as roadkill.

This was, I think, the old telegraph station beside the post office.
We were taken with the depth and crispsness of the oak-leaf carvings.

The T & G corner.


This is the National Wool Museum.
Yes, you must attend this place when you next visit Geelong.
You will dream of Sunday roasts skipping merrily through your house...

...or this mofo Funnel Web bitch.

And this croc.
Mmmm, tastes like chicken.
And not an Irwin to be seen...

Then we hit the Ford Discovery Centre and drooled over these beauties.
Sure, they weren't Holdens but some had the classic lines of the "good production years".

Crash test 'roo.

An old sign beside the Ford Discovery Centre.

A public house, m'lord.

Gratuitous chimney shot.


What a hard view we had to cope with...

Cunningham Pier which used to have a railway line out to it.

Just 2 of the 100 famous bollards Jan Mitchell created.
Click HERE for more info on these fab pieces of public art.

Sadly, Debbie Harry told a porkie when she sang "The Tide is high"
The only thing high was the seaweed under the noon day sun.

Just a brilliant splash of P!NK on the foreshore cliff-face.

Will ye nae come back agin?

But they've built this beaut winding jetty-type promanade out across the water away from those nasty falling rock things, complete with lighting and bench seats.

The "Learn To Swim" bollard people.

There were gardens, Oh, were there gardens in bloom?!
Everywhere we looked roses, lobelia, freesias, geraniums, jasmine, you-name-it-and-it-was-blooming.

Which is covered by National Trust but trifling things like that...

Looking down towards the enclosed sea swimming baths.
*sigh* such a hardship...

Corio Villa which you must read about it's quirky history HERE.

This band rotunda is very similar to the one in Sandringham.

Snapped from the train on the way outta town...

Many pics are missing...there shall be (quiet, polite) words with FB when he returns from Russian school this arvo.


  1. Add Wool Museum and Ford Centre to list. I had no idea there were so many of those bollards. I have seen a few. Add Barwon Grange for your next Geelong visit.

  2. I'm loving all teh pics .... but had to warn Marita about the spider ;)

  3. Did you see Crate Man on the train trip?