Friday, October 30, 2009

Pics, trivial tripe and a lesson in cropping the crap out!

I was going to post our Geelong photos but the time has got too late to be making things look spesh, so I've edited just 3 to show how an editing programme and a digital camera can make even me take decent shots (sometimes).







All I've done is crop the crap out (something I learnt from BB) which brings the subject closer and centre to the resulting photo while Feral Beast has been learning to do the special effect thingies I'm yet to try.
*These are not what I'd call remotely decent shots, they just happen to be near the beginning of the photo folder and it's almost time for me to turn into a pumpkin!

1908 The Canadians won the very last gold Olympic medal in a sport that has not graced the Olympic Games since...Lacrosse.

1912 The Queen's Theatre, now the M.W Arcade, was opened.

1913 The national waterfront strike effected Lyttelton Harbour.

1917 The 4th Light Horse charged the Turkish line at Beersheba and gained the wells which helped them break the Ottoman line and advance into Palestine.
Go hire the movie on DVD and then read up about the NZ-born actor, Jon Blake.
1950 Birth of that fabulous actor, John Candy, in Toronto. Known for his comedy he was also a talented 'straight' actor.For a great site dedicated to him click HERE.

1952 The Vic Premier Holloway retired from his 3rd and final term of office of FOUR days.
This is, obviously, the shortest Vic Govt in history.

1975 The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 came into effect.

1982 Canada's first female saint, Marguerite Bourgeoys, was canonised for her heroics, founding the Congregation de Notre-Dame de Montreal and opening a girls' school in a stable in 1653.
For further details on this classy chick click HERE.


  1. Well done Jayne!!! Nice to know SOMEONE pays attention... heh!!

    A stellar lot of historical facts here - off to check out the chick that started a school in some stables... excellent!!

  2. Sometimes there are things in photos that you may not see yourself, but could be interesting to others and it is often helpful working out a location when there is so called uninteresting stuff in a photo. I often like seeing the bigger picture.

  3. LOL BB, I took notes ;)

    Sometimes my pics are just too busy with cars and shoppers and it's so much more peaceful on the eyeballs when I crop 'em out lol ;)

  4. I cropped a photograph of Fleetwood down to try and improve it once. Unfortunately all that was left was a close up of my thumb.

  5. I love the crop feature on my Nero program, I've used it a lot on photos taken in my garden, also on photos of the grandkids so that I have little background, just the faces. I haven't learnt much about the other stuff it can do, although I've tried the "grey scale" bit, I haven't yet tried to grey a photo then add colour in a few strategic spots, like a pink blush on cheeks for instance, or a bright red rose against a grey background. I'll try it when the time feels right.

  6. Crop the crap, love it.. You could market that as a slogan....