Thursday, October 22, 2009

To my little turd-like troll

Yes, my impatient little sheep-dropping, I did venture out of the main street of Daylesford.
What a shame you didn't venture into Basic Manners 101.
Such a charming piece of bile you shared with me one wonders how you've managed to function without off-loading that pile of crap earlier in your life...or was that your use for your former hubby?
Or...Aha! You must be teething to be sulking and throwing tanties like this!
Never mind, my teeny-minded little grommit, just go and have a nap in the corner while your ouchy toothy pegs cut through the fragile gums and us adults get on with our business.


  1. Down with trolls ... I missed whatever they said.
    Hope you are ok now you got it off your chest Jayne.

  2. You gotta wonder why people even bother being awful. What a time waster.

  3. You didn't miss much at all, Trish LOL.
    I find these sad little creatures quite amusing studies in mental health; their bile reveals just how full of self-hatred they are ;)

  4. You've not been calling one of those sex-chat lines again, have you?

  5. Yep, Amanda, it needs to be given the slow cricket clap lol.

    No, Brian, this one's been ever-so-desperate for my attention, throwing tanties here and on other blogs, I thin it needs a time out on the naughty chair in the corner :P