Saturday, November 28, 2009

Architect or Archy-teck, that is the question!

blah blah blah blah...
Have been playing with routers and wireless thingies and laptops so have not done much beyond beginning my research on the next post on a particular Melbourne architect who I've fallen in love with.
The fact he's more than dead is beside the point.
Many of his creations are still amongst us yet most are overlooked and not known about (oh, spooky).
So, go start peddling to get the TARDIS engine warmed up cos I insist we trot back to 1900 to scoop up this little gem.


  1. Be careful with routers Jayne. I have heard they can be bad for your or Spouse's fertility.

  2. Fertility, meh.
    More than just the chook eggs that are free to a good home in this joint ;)

  3. "The fact he's more than dead is beside the point."

    This made me laugh - it is almost word for word the introduction to one of the worst poetry readings I have ever attended (which happened to be in Melbourne) (don't get me wrong, so many of the best poetry readings I have ever attended were also in Melbourne) (but this one was a corker - you have to imagine a windswept woman lugging a casio she didn't know how to play introducing some dead poet she was going to torture)

    Ahem. Anyway, present and correct, Miss Jayne.

  4. LMFAO Jeanie, that poem sounds so bad as to be almost good lol.

  5. Jayne - I can assure you, the poem was so bad as to be really, really bad - so bad in fact, that I blogged it 12 years later.

  6. Actually, I remember reading a post of yours about a woman who turned up with a casio keyboard...may go and re-read it lol.
    *trots off to read it again*
    God, yes, I remember now lol.

  7. Looking at some of today's constructions I'm more inclined to go with achy-tacky, or maybe arsey-tacky.