Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drought , environment, coal, blood, sweat and tears Fatigue

Yep, we all hear these new phrases like 'charity fatigue' where people have given til they aint got no more to give and now I've personally arrived at Drought Fatigue.
Oh, I'm certain there's many a struggling farmer, irrigator, food producer who have reached this state long ago, having to deal with the constant ineptitude of state and federal govts pissing about with reviews and committees and think tanks to see what the problem might be.
The problem might be a lack of foresight in planning for the lack of frigging rain which was more than abundantly clear when our particular brand of shiftless sheep gained power here in Victoria far too frigging long ago to have made a feck worth of difference.
Our herd of woolly backs still trot out the whiney little bitachy excuse "Awww, but it was all screwed up from the previous Liberal Govt"
10 years in power and pissing our money up against the constant sports stadiums, sports competitions, Commonwealth Games, the who-flucking-wants-a-waste-of-bloody-time-and-money-Grand-Prix oh, only the dipshyte govt, and the never ending boringly monotonous black asphalted roads to here, there, nowhere and back again with ever-growing tolls.
There's no investment in solar, nothing to encourage Joe Blow to go get his house kitted out in something approaching nice for the environment, sweet FA invested in rail infrastructure, not a bloody dicky bird of enforcing everyone to have rainwater tanks, not a sniff of recycling the storm water back into daily usage for dunny flushing or inert item production use instead of wasting potable water.
Nope, nada, zip, zilch....about as much action happening for our drought as what's happening inside the average Victorian pollie's head.
Which equates to not much and what is on the boil is the just the sound byte for the media to explain screwing over some granny out of her savings.
We're told to "Target 155" which means we're not allowed to use more then 155 litres of water per person, per day.
I've got the tribe down to, on average, 50 litres each per day (that includes showers and washing!) but when my recent bill came in and *HORROR OF HORRORS* we'd dared increase our usage up to a whopping 54 litres each per day I got juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little more than pissed off.
I'm tired of running around securing Every.Blinking.Drip of water that comes out of the taps.
I'm so fecking over showering with a bucket, without a bucket but then a temporary hose then a more permanent pipe attached to the waste water pipe, moving the pipe around the garden to water everything that stands still, frantically repairing any holes in the water tanks or water butts, praying for rain, more rain, cleaning the spouting Every.Other.Blinking.Week to have it clear to capture that last bloody drop.
I'm fecking OVER it, Brumby, Holding, Kosky, whoever and whatever.
One moment there's going to be water tanks on the new Spencer St station capturing bajillions of litres of water - the next we're told, by water minister (and He Who Gets Lost In Mountains) Timmeh Holding that there will not be any tanks, then the next someone dared complain in the newspaper only to be corrected by some bloke in charge of the Think Tank on Water tanks that there will be rain water harvesting at Spencer Street station....
Stop fecking promising and Do.It.Bloody.Now.
We were promised train lines would reopen - our woolly backed sheepies lied.
We were promised a solution for the very obvious drought - they lied.
We were promised increased alternative power options - their noses are growing at an alarming rate, now.
Seriously, it's not rocket science you fat cat weasles with our money lining your love-handle smothered hip pockets.
Or I may be forced to do something I have not resorted to in more than 10 years....have a loooooooooooong, relaxing bath!


  1. I believe the screwups go much further back than the previous government, I'd say way back to the original government, who had all that convict labour and didn't have the foresight to build massive dams all over Australia. Of course they probably didn't realise that so much of Aus would be inhabited,and couldn't have foreseen the drought, but successive governments since then have had an inkling or two and still done nothing. Now of course building dams and great whopping pipelines would get in the way of aboriginal rights to their land, and while I agree that they do have a lot of culture and history behind them, even they should understand that no-one "owns" the land, if such things as dams and pipes would ease life for everyone, including them, then why not just do it. If i was to think like the aboriginals i'd be objecting to someone, anyone living in my childhood homes and digging over the garden, because I have such feelings for the place or some such. Besides, sacred sites could still be sacred, build/ develop stuff next to or around and make it touristy. Share the land. Share the water. Share the heritage. We'd all benefit.

  2. P.S. Enjoy the bath. Have bubbles.

  3. Pretty well agree with all you said, except perhaps tanks in everyone's yard. Water needs a big rethink and some serious scientific study. I am sure more water needs to run off and soak into the ground. It needs to pool and slowly soak in. It needs to run into cracks and crevices. With a thorough wet surface and subsurface, then we may get more rain. That is if they don't drag it out of aquifers. A whole 'nother area. Btw, Rexona only works up to a point. Do have a bath.

  4. "There's no investment in solar, nothing to encourage Joe Blow to go get his house kitted out in something..." etc

    Billions invested in particle accelerators and about fifteen pence invested in protection against the inevitable global warming...etc.

  5. I think we'll need to appoint a group to study and report back on your comments.
    Should only take 6 years and several hundred thousand dollars.

    In the mean time just carry on.

  6. LOL Ta, River, I might just yet!

    Oh, er, forgot to mention sucking the aquifers dry, too, another big no no but splash enough cash and you can do pretty much as you want !

    Spot on, Brian.

    Aye, aye, Elizabeth ;)