Friday, November 13, 2009

Fairy lights are for a lifetime, not just for Christmas....

I haz coloured sparkly ballz dangling from my front verandah.
Swinging and dangling in the stiff breeze.
Yes.....insidiously the Christmas season has started oh so early here...although some feel that imbibing of eggnog this early will hold back the floodgates of festive frivolity  (finger in a dyke, Kel, you're just sticking a finger in a dyke).
I have given in and declared that today will be the day of the erection of the Toilet Tree upon the cistern. 

I have also indulged myself in solar LED fairy lights.
If you like the odd twinkler or go all over the top at Christmas go solar. Even if you don't subscribe to the Climate Change thingie (but do belong to the Flat Earth Society) these suckers are cheap to buy, cost $0.00 to run (apart from the odd battery change every other year), look pretty and do pretty much everything the mains powered flashers do....except cook a roast but we're working on that.
From all I have priced, bought and set up I have to give the award to KMart this year for having the widest range and realistically priced solar lights available.
Starting at $9 and increasing only gradually you can choose some pretty lights to suit even the tightest budget.

1828 Meanwhile, back in the Old Dart Tommy Peel suggested the colonisation of Westralia.
It's utter madness, I tell you, that Westcoast Eagle bird will never fly...!

1835 Speaking of utter madness Canada's first insane asylum opened on this day in Saint John in New Brunswick.

1845 Sir George Grey rocked up in NZ, liked the place so much he stuck around for 2 turns around the dance-floor as Governor then fitted in a quick Foxtrot as Premier.
Here's a statue of him we prepared earlier...HERE.

1849 After a firey mob flamed the Montreal Parliament Buildings so much they burnt down Toronto became the capital on this day.
Coz Torontonians used stone, I assume?
And a mighty fine seat of governance it is, too, HERE.

1973 The Kiwi's enjoyed their first live international broadcast on the idiot box with Princess Anne marrying her fine steed Captain Mark Phillips.
Watching paint dry would have been so much better....

2001 In Perth the Spectacles Wetlands became part of the Aboriginal Heritage Walking Trail.

Flower solar lights.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.

Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm. 


  1. 1.30 in the a.m. is my excuse for misreading the first sentence and the image that came to mind regarding verandah and coloured sparkly ballz. Think Gypsy Rose Lee and twirling.

  2. Christmas lights? Nah... not for me. But we have a couple of houses near us that go all out. It used to be a Christmas tradition when the kids were small for me to take them over there and have a look.

  3. I love the twinkling lights. Must cost heaps to those that don't use the solar power. I like to have some fairy lights all year round but left them still up at the last farm so might go looking for dem solar ones!!

  4. Exactly what I had in mind, J lol.

    I dread to think what some people's electricity bills are at the end of the festive season, Frogdancer!

    I'll be leaving mine up all year round, too, Nicki, they're just too pretty :)

  5. you KNOW I adore Christmas, but Christmas parties in NOVEMBER are just wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    Now I want some damn egg nog. I hate you, and so do my thighs.

  6. Yes, Festive Fetish Gal, I hear ya ;)

  7. I love christmas lights. On other people's homes. That way I can enjoy them without all the fuss and expense of putting them up, arranging them just so, taking them down again...

  8. The paint drying would probably have had a better result too just quietly